Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Good Morning

I am not a morning person.
And as such have no morning pictures. Have an evening on Ilkley Moor instead.
In spite of having worked full time for about 6 years, my body is still on student time. I don't like going to bed early, it feels like giving up on the day - and I'm no quitter. But I'm an adult now, and as I inch ever closer to thirty (and finding grey hairs becomes a more regular occurrence), it seems to me that it's time for a change.

This thing of it is, I've got loads to do, and every article I read about productivity tells me to get up earlier. I've spent years telling myself that doesn't apply to me, but that fact is, it does. I am not a special night person. I'm just lazy.

September began on a Monday, and new months and Mondays are generally good times to start things, so I've overhauled my routine. The results are... mixed.

By getting up an hour earlier, I seem to spend an hour slowly drinking coffee, then go about my normal business, all the while being very tired.

Today I got up two hours earlier, spent an hour nursing a cup of coffee, then wrote this blog.

The results are definitely mixed.

In addition to this morning thing, I've also started writing again and am on a tightly controlled timetable, governed by a colour-changing spreadsheet that OH was kind enough to make me. And it's wonderful, and I'm addicted to it. (I'll screenshot it later, I'm sure, for the delight of spreadsheet junkies everywhere.) I forgot how fun writing could be, when I was too busy chastising myself for not doing it.

BOOK NEWS: His Wicked Shadow has now been proofed and needs tweaking. Hard copies should hopefully be available around the end of October.

PAINTING NEWS: I really, really need to finish that painting.

But I wrote a blog, so I can cross that one of the list. Let's just see how long this morning thing lasts.


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  1. Oh my goodness, I know the feeling! I am definitely not a morning person, and have worked out my morning routine perfectly, so that it only takes me 20mins to get up and out of the house, resulting in as much snoozy time as possible.

    I've never been a 'good' morning person, and I really do envy my friends who get up super early at the crack of sparrow's fart to go to the gym to get their morning workouts out of the way. I so wish I could do that because I do battle to find time to work out. Maybe one day. But, coming into winter here in the UK when it's dark until 8am - yeah, I'm going to say 'No'!

    Haha!! Best of luck with your new routine!!