Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Plotting and Procrastination

Do you remember when I used to title all my blog posts with Austen-style alliteration? No? Shame. Those were the days. More recently my blog-worthy activities haven't been so alliteration friendly, until now, for which you can thank my massive unwillingness to write.

I like writing, but have failed to write anything vaguely readable for the past 2 years. I was working on something very personal and frankly, a bit too close to home to write comfortably. As such, it was very difficult to write, and very easy to judge harshly. I canned it (although perhaps temporarily) a few months ago and have been coming up with a new idea since. Above is the plotting stage, which I was at last weekend. Since then, I've just been putting off actually starting the actual writing of actual draft 1. I'm scared of it - it's been so long since I last did it vaguely decently that I'm worried I can't do it any more. 

But enough was enough, and this evening I forced arse to chair and decided I'd write the first 1000 words if it killed me. 

It didn't start well. I managed 388 words and realised it wasn't working. How are you supposed to introduce characters?! How do you do that? How write books arrrrrghghghg!?

So I cut them and now have 43. Then I started sneezing and decided I might be allergic to words. So I tried writing a blog (this one here), which seems to have cleared that up and, hopefully got me back in the mindset of typing and thinking and typing again.

So now I'm going to try and get that last 957 words out. 

Wish me luck.


Monday, 4 August 2014


I spent some time trying to think of a really great "proof" pun to title this blog. Something to do with "The Proof of the Pudding", or perhaps "Proof, If Proof Were Needed", but then I realised that was stupid and would undermine the OMG-ness of the moment. Because in my hot little hand in the picture below is my first proof copy of His Wicked Shadow, soon to be available in paperback. 

Is it normal for thumbs to do that? I can't even tell any more.
I'm not one to get all that excited about things. I was excited about Paris, yes, but that was undermined by the certainty that something would go awfully wrong, and it would be a terrible mistake to have even considered leaving the country. As it happens, it was fine, and no catastrophe ensued. But my excitement was, and always is tempered by the knowledge that whatever I am excited about will almost certainly be in some way disappointing. Positivity, thy name is Katherine. 

But when HWS dropped into our letterbox, the sheer incandescent joy I felt was like nothing else. I held my book in my hand and couldn't stop moving about, shoving it into the face of OH and chanting "But have you seen what I did??" 

OH kindly humoured me. 

Sure, there are a lot of things wrong with it - it is the first proof, after all, but it is also the first time I've ever held a book of my own creation in my hand. So there's plenty more work ahead as I get it ready for sale, and I'll announce the release date once that becomes clearer (thinking mid September?). There's also An Unnatural Daughter, which will likely be coming out towards the end of the year. But I'll never get that moment again. As I start dissecting its faults, and polishing, polishing, polishing, that joy will fade, but it will still be the first paperback copy of my book. The thing I've dreamed of for years.

So lots to be getting on with. I started a new job last week after an emotional farewell from my old one, and have been working on a new painting. Still at the scary zombie phase, where I'm not sure if it'll be awful or not...

Here's to productivity!