Sunday, 22 June 2014

Creepy Summer Songs

I have always hated summer.

The first line of His Wicked Shadow (plug!) was drawn very much from my own personal feelings. I have always hated summer. When I was little I found something about the heat and the strength of light unsettling. I felt on edge in a heatwave, as though something awful was going to happen. 

Perhaps it's perversity on my part, but even though I don't tend to feel that way any more, I have an enormous fondness for creepy summer songs. It's atmosphere. The feeling of sitting outside on a baking hot day, miles from anywhere, with a storm approaching. That's creepy summer songs. Listen to them loud, with headphones, somewhere quiet. 

And I can't be the only one, because two big films have creepy summer music soundtracks. And they are amazing.

While I do think this could have got a bit more atmosphere in there, I love it. 

There's something very special about a piece of music that can give you goosebumps on a boiling hot day, and this does just that. I've not read or seen any of the Hunger Games trilogy, but heard this on an advert. I'd bought it before the ad had even finished.

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