Monday, 12 May 2014

Made from Scratch - Main

Following on from the Starter post, here's our main - Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta with Garlic Bread. (Capitals are important to emphasise just how tasty this was). 

And now to pasta. I used this recipe, not least because the family in it looked to have so much fun. And fun it was!

Behold my resting dough. 
We toyed with the idea of putting basil in here too (we had a lot of fresh stuff left over) but as you will see, the recipe became pretty basil heavy later on. 

One of the things that has put me off making pasta before is that I assumed you'd need one of those fancy machines which not only look difficult to use, but like they have the potential to remove part or all of one or several fingers. But all you really need is a rolling pin or, failing that, you can MacGyver one with cling film, which works very well.

We dried our pasta on cling film, for want of a better solution. Which, for the record, is below.

Then the easy bit! Veg time. We went with courgettes, mushrooms, onion and garlic...

Remember the tomato base we made for the soup? we added spices - a bit more chilli and whatever we could find in the spice rack, as well as a whole heap more basil.


While that was cooking we made some garlic bread. This utilised the left over bread from the starter, and we knocked together some garlic butter. Garlic butter is just so easy. Given my vegan persuasion I can't buy it any more, but one of my favourite things is making my own garlic bread with those half-baked loaves you can buy. Beautiful.

This was a good spoonful of dairy-free margarine (I think Vitalite tastes the best) with as much garlic as we had left - about 4 or 5 cloves, with a good handful of basil. I think this would have worked better with parsley, but as you can see, once it came out from under the grill it was still oozy perfection.

Cooking the pasta

Garnished with basil. Obviously.

Et voila! And it was delicious. I felt so proud eating that. The pasta ought to have been a little thinner to cook completely through, which was a lesson I have since put into practice, but there is nothing like the pride of eating something you've put so much effort into making. Freshly made pasta tastes so different from the dried stuff - which is still good stuff - but I'll definitely keep making my own when I can:)

Next blog - Dessert & Drinks - Ice cream and home-made cola!


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