Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Made from Scratch - Dessert & Drinks

I've always had a sweet tooth, and the chocolatier the treat, the better. Back in November when this FEAST OF EPIC PROPORTIONS was undertaken, I'd been vegan for just over a month. I hadn't yet tried the varied array of dairy-free ice cream there is out there (For the record, nothing beats Booja-Booja, in my opinion) so I was more than game for attempting to make ice cream. No ice cream maker? Pachaw, why let that stop us from sweet, cold goodness. OH and I agreed that we weren't above a little labour, and set about it with gusto. 

We chose Chocolate Chip Soya Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce, from the previously mentioned and still wonderful 500 Vegan Dishes by Deborah Gray which involved firstly mixing things together in a pan and then allowing to cool. Cleverly, we did this step before starting anything else. Foolishly we underestimated how long it would take to cool before we could begin freezing. After sitting by an open window for over an hour, we were the only things getting any colder, so we stuck the bowl of mixture on the balcony for another 40 minutes. Bearing in mind this was in November, at dusk.

It made no difference. Since this needed a good 6 hours to freeze, we gave up and just went with it. Just as it took forever to cool, it took forever to freeze. Approximately six hours later - and late into the night - we were at this stage:

It was beginning to freeze, but we had a good, ice-cream-less while ahead of us and had long since eaten the main. So we went to plan B - attempt to recreate a cola-bottle cocktail OH had in a fancy bar. It was clear, had vodka in it, and tasted exactly like cola bottles, right down to the gelatine tang. I was dubious and didn't try it, but was intrigued nonetheless. It was clear to us that they must have melted down cola bottles then kept them liquid by mixing with vodka.

Vegan cola bottles at the ready. As you can see, we bought ours in Extremely Fancy packaging. 

Melting down cola bottles is absolutely not what they did. Unless gelatine melts in a completely different way. Don't worry, these didn't go to waste. I ate the entire, gummy mess off the spoon. Totally worth it.

We checked the ice cream again but still no cigar. So we decided to start Googling cola flavouring, to see where that got us.

Here. It got us here.
Molasses, water, cinnamon and vanilla. So simple! So overpowering! So we diluted and served, over ice, with rum.

And watched a film. And by the time that was nearly finished, the ice cream was ready!

The ice cream and the cola are the only things from FEAST OF EPIC PROPORTIONS that we haven't made again since. Perhaps it's just because of the sheer time the ice cream took, or the volume of vanilla the cola needed. But they were, like the rest of the meal, delicious.

We've intended to do another one of these Everything-From-Scratch meals for a while, but haven't yet. I'm sure I'll stick it on here if we do!


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