Thursday, 15 May 2014

His Wicked Shadow

A few years back, I wrote a book. It was the second full-length piece of fiction I'd ever written, and was a massive learning curve. It went through draft after draft as I tried to find my feet in a community I realised I'd completely failed to understand when I was writing my first manuscript. Since then I've realised that every new manuscript I attempt, I have to re-learn all of that stuff, but then it was all new, and it was exhilarating and scary and wonderful, all at the same time. And it still is, but you never forget your first.

I sent it out, and eventually was offered e-publication, which I chose to turn down, instead going with an agent in the hope of being traditionally published. For a few reasons, not least various personal issues I was going through at the time, we decided to part ways after a year. And thus His Wicked Shadow remained, untouched, gathering dust in a lonely corner of my hard drive.

Remember this early character sketch? What, no? You mean you haven't been reading this blog for over three years?
I've considered self-publishing for a long while. Many is the time I have almost done it on a whim, but decided against it. (And might I add that you can't do it on a whim because of the very complicated tax forms and the necessity of phoning an IRS office in Philadelphia!) But with the support of OH, I decided to go for it.

It's just shouting to be read.
It's a scary thing, putting your work out there. And telling people that you've secretly been writing all this time and haven't mentioned it. But I've already done the rounds of editors and agents, and my work has undoubtedly ended up the better for it. So here it is. And if you'd like to read it, and think it'd be worth buying, then I'd be very proud. And if you think it's worth leaving a review, that would be great too.

It's a somewhat Gothic tale about being in love with somebody you don't understand. And there's also sex, murder and a possible witch. Look on the Shop tab or just click here if you fancy it.

But in other news, there should be some new stuff soon. Artsy shit. I'm trying a few things out which will decide what I do with the other MS gathering dust - An Unnatural Daughter. Previews soon, when I sort myself out.


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