Monday, 31 March 2014

Blog On, Blog Low, Blog Long.

So I did some blogs, promising to be all bloggy from now on (I may not have put that, but that's what I was telling myself) and then I went and disappeared for a month. Inorite, a whole month. Luckily the blog seems to have survived while left unattended.

But far from this being just another marker of my changeable and flighty nature when it comes to blogging, it is in fact due to the intense life upheaval which has been taking place since my last blog. I have moved house.

It was incredibly stressful, as these things are. I hadn't moved for three and a half years prior and now I never, ever want to move again. But things are, as of today, finally going to get back to normal. And hopefully, blogging will resume!

I read a few things about the habits of famous writers, (like this) and the main thing I noticed was that they were actually sitting down and forcing themselves to write, where I wasn't. Sounds simple, but apparently I hadn't realised that before. Not allowing myself any creative outlet was bringing me down, and so with that in mind I divided tasks into "things", such as;
  • writing 500/1000 words
  • spending an hour reading or drawing
  • going to the gym
  • writing a blog
and made a weekly schedule, where I had to do one or 2 of these things on week nights, had Friday night off, then one task on a Saturday, and a big fat four on a Sunday. 

Being accountable only to myself hasn't worked in the past, so I roped in The Significant Other to make sure I did my jobs. And for a few weeks that was working really well, and then we found New Flat, so all that went on hiatus. But the flat stuff is all done now, and I can get back to it. I've found I missed the routine of the whole thing, and I like being accountable to somebody else for my work. It makes it important, whereas before forcing myself to work could be deemed as self indulgent. Which is really, really stupid, but it's easy to fall into a Catch-22 of self-flagellation when you're depressed. But that's another subject for another day, or maybe never. 

In other news, I can't stop thinking about Jarvis Cocker. 

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