Sunday, 23 February 2014


I wore sneakers yesterday for the first time this year. Until now, and really, since about October, it's been non-stop boots weather, but yesterday was fine, so I decided to chance it. 

NEWS JUST IN: Sneakers are amazing. 

I'm a bit low on sneakers at the moment. I tend to go through a couple of pairs over the summer because I refuse to spend a lot of money and refuse to wear socks whenever possible. I'm not wearing socks now. My home is my castle. 

But we digress. There were some cheap white pumps in my wardrobe last summer. Languishing. Not earning their keep. They were from a fancy dress costume that never came to be and they were, horror of horrors, white.

I know. Can you imagine? I would never. Not even sockless. So in a fit of boredom, one hot evening while I was working my way through the Arrested Development box set, I set about making them wearable.
 And behold. Ain't they pretty? I coloured them with a wash of diluted violet ink, and drew on them with a black marker pen which happily didn't bleed.
 Sockless. Obvs.

And I wore them for most of the summer. The violet was a bit bright for me, but I think that next time I'll go for a darker pump and just jazz that up. With a proper fabric pen. Because we live and we learn, and if you don't use a waterproof fabric pen then you get caught in a freak, end of summer shower, this could happen...
I just couldn't bring myself to throw them away. And look, they're darker now! So I dug them out yesterday, and fell in love with them again, in all their scruffy, washed out glory. You can sill see a bit of pattern too...
Now the weather is (marginally) lightening up, I'm going to invest in a few more pairs to spend several hours decorating, (with waterproof fabric pens - or would a sharpie do the trick?) in the knowledge that after a few months the soles will split,the fabric will wear, and the rain will pour. But I think there's something quite nice about that. 


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Toilet Graffiti - or, The Best Graffiti in Leeds

As a young lady of taste and refinement, I enjoy a good, crass joke every now and then. Or rather, as often as possible. However, as a young professional and someone who has to interact with people - strangers - on a daily basis, I try and keep this aspect of my personality somewhat hidden. However, it's fair to say that it occasionally makes itself known in my hobbies - including recreational swearing and taking pictures of humorous graffiti on toilet walls in pubs around Leeds. 
It's perhaps worth noting that I was going through my photos in the first instance for a series of posts (to follow, when I'm not drunk on the power of loudly listening to unnecessarily sweary music on my own while slightly sleep-deprived) about the nine hours The Significant Other and I spent cooking up a mega vegan feast making everything from the most basic ingredients possible. I know. Very Goode Life. And super fun. But then this happened. 

Either way, here are my top three. Because there's nowt like a good bit of toilet humour.

Goodbye world turd.


I'm not sure why, but I do feel it's necessary to mention that we also WENT TO THE OPERA a few weeks ago. 
It was Girl of the Golden West, by Puccini. 

I am so fancy.

And it was in the Italian. With subtitles. But still.
Normal service to resume shortly. Promise.


Monday, 17 February 2014

The HOLSTEE Manifesto

Every so often you come across something which says, beautifully, everything that you want to say but weren't sure how to. I'm posting this here not only to share, but to remind myself of things that I know I know, but that I know I don't act on enough.

That said, I don't see myself getting a bike any time soon, although I'm sure that's not a prerequisite...

More stuff here, including the lovely poster.