Sunday, 27 October 2013

Screwing Up Daylight Savings, and Drawing, Finally.

It was daylight savings in the UK yesterday, or this morning, whichever way you want to look at it. That magical time of year where you get to time travel. Sort of.  And it's autumn, which means that it's what's commonly referred to as "the good one". Yes, that's an extra hour in bed, or if you're me over the past few years it's an extra hour to utilise in some way, either by working, or as I believe I did last year, drinking. Can't really remember... 

But this time, following a week of not sleeping very well, I decided to do the traditional thing and sleep through it. Turns out that daylight savings - "the good one", anyway - is the worst night to have insomnia. It's also a bad night to briefly forget it's daylight savings, and in your sleeplessness-induced delirium, get really confused when your phone clock swings back an hour, and wonder if you actually are asleep and dreamed the whole thing. Because it's incredibly disappointing to realise you aren't asleep, and that you have to spend the same hour staring blankly at the ceiling all over again. Time travel has never been less exciting. 

In the end I got around two hours sleep, which means I felt like the underside of a foot this morning, but which I have been using as an excuse to eat as many Ginger Nuts as humanly possible. I've eaten about 6 while writing this so far, and am riding high on a wave of fiery adrenaline.

And strangely, since I'm so annoyed with myself for wasting all those hours, I've been unusually productive today. Which brings me to the drawing...

I studied illustration at university, but for various reasons I've not really drawn since then. Certainly nothing for the pure joy of it. I fell out of love with it, and forgot how cathartic and wonderful it can be simply putting pencil to paper, when nobody is going to critique your work for being too girly and tell you to do a lino print or something instead. Because it is girly, and I'm not ashamed of it, Brian and Howard.

[I've had to physically move the Ginger Nuts away now]

But recently I've been encouraged to draw again, and so I donned my (figurative) beret and stuck an A1 piece of paper on my wall and just drew.

Apologies for the poor quality -it was in a room where the only light is artificial and the only camera is an iPhone one!
I like drawing girls. Always have. I think it's the possibility for prettiness. During uni in my spare time I worked hard trying to get the male face down when drawing from mind, but I couldn't get it to work in my style. Maybe I didn't try hard enough. From life, fine, from mind, ridiculous. Anyway clearly this was a mind drawing, and the biggest I've ever done, and while it's full of errors and I now really don't like it, I enjoyed it so much. It was to the point where I was at work, itching to get home to work on it. But as I say, errors. And the eyes of a heavy drug user. So I decided to draw another, using a model to get my features and proportions technically correct. And being alone in the flat, I used... a mirror.

And I think it's quite clearly me, albeit a fancier version, which is both pleasing and a tad embarrassing. Even though I did make the nose smaller and the jaw line a bit less heavy than in real life! 

I really enjoyed working into the hair of the last pic, and so wanted to do something a bit more... impressive and fun this time, hence the 18th century style powdered wig. Then I figured I could stick a few bits in there, and since it looked like me it seemed silly not to make them personal. I've worked on it a fair bit since I took the above picture, but it's still nowhere near finished. Technically though, I can feel what I learned coming back to me. And I'm having so much fun with it now I know it's not going to be marked. To the point where I feel I can put it on here, because it's just for the joy.
Here are a few little bits I've worked on today. 

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