Monday, 11 February 2013

The Lonely

It's been a long time since I blogged. Hell, it's been a long time since I wrote anything, really. There was a blog I did a few weeks back, then closed and deleted, because there are some things you don't want to share - don't need to.

Whatever I say about the past few months, while trying not to go into too much detail, seems to imbue them with an enormous amount of drama that I don't think they warrant. These things were big to me, but to everyone else - it's nothing, which is how it should be. But I digress, segwaying into shrouded mysteries and half-spoken conversations, which isn't the direction I wanted this blog to go in.

No, what I wanted to talk about, and what I shall talk about, is music. I've listened to a lot of new music recently. I've revisited old bands and songs I'd forgotten for years. But there are two artists who've carried me these past few months.

I've never been a fan of poetry. It just isn't for me. I can't appreciate it, words on a page, even spoken it usually fails to grab me. But to music - it's everything. And Patrick Wolf is amazing at that. He brought me to poetry. But everyone who knows me knows I love him. I have enough T-shirts to remind them whenever they see me. But also, I've been listening to a lot of Christina Perri.

There's an interesting difference between Wolf and Perri, at least in how they relate to me, in that Wolf's best work, to me at least, came from him falling in love, whereas with Perri it was the pain and insecurity of a break up. I thought for a while to try and choose the song I felt showed this best, but this, The Lonely, is the one I'm in love with at the moment. It's beautiful.

And this video is awfully pretty.


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