Wednesday, 19 September 2012

M&Ms and Horse Heads, Among Other Things

Soooo, it's been a while, hasn't it? And I've missed you all, probably at LEAST as much as you missed me. At the very least.

Let's see if we can remember how to do this thing. News! I got a new job! As of next Monday, I will be a Trainee Business Support Officer. Yes, Officer. But that's work, and this blog isn't for jobs, although general rejoicing is allowed.

In the past few months, I suppose a fair few things have actually happened, with varying levels of importance.   Let's be chronological, because without order, society will collapse, along with everything we hold dear.

I went to London, with adorable friend A to visit adorable friend B. It was so lovely, and a testament to the fact that not only do I not see them enough, but that there are some people whose friendship can stand up to time and is hardy enough to flourish without constant tending. I am very lucky in the friends I have, all of those who I visit with, email, phone, whatever.

But let's not get too emotional, because while in London, I visited the M&M shop. And it was the most surreal place in the world.
Yellow and I. Possibly the nearest I'll ever get to a knight.
We wandered about in a daze, overwhelmed by bright colour and larger than life statues. Occasionally one or other of us would mutter, "Who likes M&Ms this much?" or "How much are they charging for that?!" There is no need for an M&M shop like this. No need for a leather jacket studded with Swarovski crystals in an M&M design, and a steal at over £1000. And there were four floors of this crap. It was the most surreal place in the world - and the surrealism wasn't helped by the fact that when we went in, it was daylight, then dark when we came out.

Next news item, to swing erratically from subject to subject: I finished the first draft of my WiP! It's currently being beta-read by my dear writing buddy, and I anxiously await her critique, which is always bang on. I'm in the period where I slightly hate it, which is good I think, as it means I'll happily take any recommendations to improve it. I'm long past the stage where I think everything I write is pure, pure gold.

Strangely I have less to say about my WiP than the M&M place. Perhaps there is a need for a giant M&M shop after all.

AND FINALLY, I bought a rowing machine, which is hella fun, and a possibly glass horse head. Best £20 I've ever spent, and I think you can tell it really classys up the joint.
Ya know, compared to the laundry in the background.
So there we have it. Aren't you glad I'm back!?