Monday, 25 June 2012

T-shirts and logos and mess.

Some weeks ago, you may recall me mentioning briefly and in passing that my website had been redone (ha!). Well I promised to shut up about it and I do honour that, but in related news, I had new photos done by Mr Dishington for the header and splash page. In them I'm wearing a t-shirt with my new, rotatable logo on, which I designed and painted, because there's nothing like making a bit of extra work for yourself. 

Seriously, this is the most you see of it.
In the end the logo didn't play that big a part in my site design, but I took a few making-of pics, just in case you were interested, and because it was stupidly easy to make a (theoretically) washable, (theoretically) professional-looking t-shirt. 
This is also a picture of the mess in our flat.
Having spent hours, nay, days, nay, weeks agonising over the logo design, I bought a cheapo men's t-shirt from Primark. I got a small, which was a baggy fit because I didn't want there to be any distortion/stretch/cracking of the logo. Having printed off the design in the right size on a piece of A4, I made a light box (read: put a lamp under a glass table) and traced the image in pencil
Next I painted it in some black acrylic. THAT'S IT. I told you it was easy. Perhaps I just like overcomplicating things, but when I started thinking about doing this t-shirt, I was imagining I'd need special paint to make it washable, but good old Google proved me wrong.
Woooaaaaah, we're half way there...
Admittedly, I haven't actually washed it yet, and I imagine it'll degrade over time whether I wash it or not, but still. Worth a pop on a rainy day!
Artsy shot.

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