Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bookends and Haggis

I've just got back from the Women, Sex and History panel event, which was part of the Leeds Big Bookend Festival, and featured four historical novelists: Jane Borodale, Gabrielle Kimm, Hallie Rubenhold and Anne O'Brien. It was brillo! It lasted about an hour but it seemed to go a lot more quickly. It was lovely to hear directly from successful novelists who were so knowledgeable in their field. Ah Katherine, maybe one day.

If you do ever get the opportunity to go to any author panel events, I would highly recommend them. I've been to a Jane Austen one before, while I was working on my dissertation, and it was so illuminating. Today I learned some interesting things about limes, too. A win all round!

In other news, haggis. Boyfriend has wanted to try some for a while, and I was more than happy to participate in my own way. I had a veggie version which was essentially a nut roast without the egg to bind it.  Gorgeous. Boyfriend went the whole hog (pardon the expression) and had real and actual haggis. He reports that it was very meaty... We had them with neeps and tatties... and Yorkshire puddings. I came home to it all being dished up and we ate it by candlelight, because Boyfriend is lovely. Haggis: the food of love. You heard it here first.

And finally, a writing round-up: Progress - slow. But I've put a word count progress bar at the left hand side of this blog. Hopefully that should embarrass me into getting on!


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