Monday, 25 June 2012

T-shirts and logos and mess.

Some weeks ago, you may recall me mentioning briefly and in passing that my website had been redone (ha!). Well I promised to shut up about it and I do honour that, but in related news, I had new photos done by Mr Dishington for the header and splash page. In them I'm wearing a t-shirt with my new, rotatable logo on, which I designed and painted, because there's nothing like making a bit of extra work for yourself. 

Seriously, this is the most you see of it.
In the end the logo didn't play that big a part in my site design, but I took a few making-of pics, just in case you were interested, and because it was stupidly easy to make a (theoretically) washable, (theoretically) professional-looking t-shirt. 
This is also a picture of the mess in our flat.
Having spent hours, nay, days, nay, weeks agonising over the logo design, I bought a cheapo men's t-shirt from Primark. I got a small, which was a baggy fit because I didn't want there to be any distortion/stretch/cracking of the logo. Having printed off the design in the right size on a piece of A4, I made a light box (read: put a lamp under a glass table) and traced the image in pencil
Next I painted it in some black acrylic. THAT'S IT. I told you it was easy. Perhaps I just like overcomplicating things, but when I started thinking about doing this t-shirt, I was imagining I'd need special paint to make it washable, but good old Google proved me wrong.
Woooaaaaah, we're half way there...
Admittedly, I haven't actually washed it yet, and I imagine it'll degrade over time whether I wash it or not, but still. Worth a pop on a rainy day!
Artsy shot.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bookends and Haggis

I've just got back from the Women, Sex and History panel event, which was part of the Leeds Big Bookend Festival, and featured four historical novelists: Jane Borodale, Gabrielle Kimm, Hallie Rubenhold and Anne O'Brien. It was brillo! It lasted about an hour but it seemed to go a lot more quickly. It was lovely to hear directly from successful novelists who were so knowledgeable in their field. Ah Katherine, maybe one day.

If you do ever get the opportunity to go to any author panel events, I would highly recommend them. I've been to a Jane Austen one before, while I was working on my dissertation, and it was so illuminating. Today I learned some interesting things about limes, too. A win all round!

In other news, haggis. Boyfriend has wanted to try some for a while, and I was more than happy to participate in my own way. I had a veggie version which was essentially a nut roast without the egg to bind it.  Gorgeous. Boyfriend went the whole hog (pardon the expression) and had real and actual haggis. He reports that it was very meaty... We had them with neeps and tatties... and Yorkshire puddings. I came home to it all being dished up and we ate it by candlelight, because Boyfriend is lovely. Haggis: the food of love. You heard it here first.

And finally, a writing round-up: Progress - slow. But I've put a word count progress bar at the left hand side of this blog. Hopefully that should embarrass me into getting on!


Saturday, 9 June 2012


So obviously, pig out time.
As we've been on holiday this week, I made a festive (?) lazy, banoffee sundaes. Because everyone should, y'all. It was mooshed up chocolate chip cookies, chocolate syrup, sliced banana (because banana is tolerable in such a mess as this) and canned caramel, topped with a large amount of limp squirty cream. I think my squirty cream was broken as it was too close to the back of our temperamental fridge and got a bit frozen. It was never the same again :(

I'm one for sweets, and the sweeter the better but THIS. This I couldn't even finish in one sitting it was so sweet. Lovely, though. It's been a bit of a holiday for making stuff I suppose, as we've also done rum punch, pizzas with dough balls and garlic butter, and some mega soup. It's been wonderful having the time to put into making stuff without feeling rushed, but unfortunately it's back to work on Monday:(

As well as cooking, the boyfriend and I visited the National Media Museum in Bradford, watched Hubble 3D on the IMAX (amazeballs) and saw Snow White & the Huntsman. I also managed to actually finish plotting and get started (slightly) on actual writing. Yay! So it's been busy, but now it's almost over:( SAD TIMES.