Tuesday, 29 May 2012

In Which Plotting is... Done?

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It's been a busy weekend and a busy past few days which, coupled with the MASSIVE HEAT, means I've been rolling around in a sweaty stupor, struggling to get things done. But I have have persevered and...

I did *some* plotting.

I've already sketched out the bare bones of the story and beefed it up a bit, so the plotting remaining is details. But I don't know that I'm especially comfortable with too many details so early on. So I gave it a go, looked at spread-sheeting and so on, but frankly, I just want to start writing.

I'm not a one for big, in-depth plans. I mean in theory, yeah. But in practice, no. I like to mix pantsing and planning. So it wasn't working for me. I've written several full-length manuscripts now, but I'm definitely still finding my feet with how I work.

But before I start writing I still want to do character worksheets. These details are, I think, really important. I use those 100 questions sheets, and like to cast my characters with people I've seen in the street or film stars or whoever. This is a pretty popular method I think, and gives me a really clear picture of my character to work with. I've already started this, and just have a few characters left to do. I really can't wait to get started writing again, and I hope to have everything to go ready in time for the long bank holiday weekend. Hopefully then I can find something more exciting to blog about!

Image.... Related? LOL.

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