Tuesday, 13 December 2011


I am actually busy. That busy I seemed to be before? Positive slacking. You call that busy? THIS is busy!

And that's my excuse for being a lax blogger. I like blogging. I intend to blog, but unfortunately blogging is never as important as the massive, pressing enormous *whatever* that always pushes blogging out of the way and elbows it in the face.

Previously it was writing and editing, and for the past month, it's been Christmas. I've bought all but one of my presents. Why? Because I am the Queen of Christmas, that's why. Trees? DONE. Christmas Cards? DONE. Wrapping? DONE (mostly...) My Christmas preparation has been akin to Gordon Ramsey cooking: Lots of banging about and swearing, but ultimately, RESULT.

So yay, now all that's done, I can chill out and get on with the new nov-

What's that? An online web design course? Like I wanted to do? On offer? Must be started this month and completed in a year? Oh alright, go on then.

So yeah. This is what's happening. Web Design is something I've wanted to get into for a while, that I already have skills in, and is a real, viable career option, unlike *cough* being a receptionist. Frankly, I'm already at the pinnacle of my reception career.

So the writing is on the back seat, AGAIN. I need to make a success of this course, or it looks like I'll be answering phones forever.

I've set myself up a strict timetable and I've a set amount of work to do per week, so realistically, I should be able dip in and out of the writing, for the sake of the soul. I love it, I can't give it up entirely.

So there we are. I'm still gunna try blog though. And it'd be a bit lame of me to be a web designer without a website...

Katherine out.

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