Friday, 26 August 2011

Sites and Such

It occurs to me that I haven't blogged for a while. At first I was busy, working on finishing some number draft on my WiP to send to Beta readers, then I read Harry Potter right through. I've never read it before. It was great. I'll stop now before I gush.

Once I'd finished HP, I did some beta reading myself, which was superfun. Now I'm starting to get reader comments on my WiP back, and am gearing up for the next round of edits. It's all very exciting. It feels like it's all coming together, and the last however many months I spent writing this thing were perhaps not a waste of time.

But all in all, not that much to blog about. So in lieu of anything interesting from me, here are some websites I like. Not just writing websites, but just good, nice, informative, handy sites. I've been meaning to do a rundown for a while, but never got round to it. Hold on to your hats, and click the site name for links.

  • Bakerella - I love cake. Love it. My mum makes the most amazing buns and cupcakes, so I get a good supply and yet that still isn't enough. Take a look at the cakes on Bakerella. The cake pops, the cupcakes, the pies, the brownies... I can wait...

  • The Fashionable Past - I used to sew a lot, and in the back of my mind there were always hazy, unformed plans to make costumes. But this Katherine actually does it, and I've found her blog an invaluable reference for clothing details in my writing.

  • BeBaroque - TIGHTS. That is all. This is on my *thingstobuywheni'mrich* list.

  • Query Shark - A writing site! Invaluable info on writing query letters. Depressing and inspiring all at the same time, just like writing... Worth reading the entire site.

  • Dropbox - Even after my previous mess-up, I still didn't learn the lesson of accidentally saving over the wrong file. Dropbox takes the risk out of it, and means my files are available on any computer I use as well as my iphone. Even if my computer crashes or I lose my memory stick, I still have access. PHEW. Highly recommended.

Any sites you'd recommend?