Saturday, 2 July 2011

In Which I Effectively Undermine a Day of Win

When I'm working on the WiP, I keep it on my memory stick and then dock a copy on whatever computer I'm working on. Once I've finished for the day I put it back on the memory stick, leaving a copy on the computer, effectively backing it up, should the worst occur. So far, so smug. See my back-up system, and weep in awe. What could go wrong? Myself and my memory stick are awesome.

I've been feeling a little scared about working on draft 2 of the WiP. The fun, free-flowing nature of writing an anything-goes first draft is over, ahead lies only pain. But after a few weeks of procrastinating and working on minor edits etc, yesterday I bit the bullet, and started working on extra scenes.

Once I got into it, it worked out pretty well, and I've sort of picked up the joy of the writing once more. It's exciting to make it better, and to try and tell the story the way I feel it should be told. This is the bit I love about writing, and so I've been pretty buoyed about it since yesterday.

Note the joy, people.

It's my birthday next week, so in preparation, I've been all over the supermarket deals on cider. Now it's summer, there are loads of deals on booze, and PURELY IN THE INTEREST OF SAVING MONEY AND NOT BECAUSE I'M AN ALCOHOLIC, Mr D and I were delighted to find 40 cans of Strongbow for but £22 in Sainsburys. Hella awesome, if a little tricky to carry home on foot. Nonetheless, we prevailed! And now our fridge is full XD

Still further joy. And it's a Saturday, so I only got up at half 11. I know what you're thinking; Hell, Katherine, this day sounds super mega awesome! But wait, there's more!

I then got an email from the National Lottery, alerting me to some potential winnings. I bought a lottery ticket for the Euro Millions draw on Friday. IMAGINE MY EXCITEMENT. A £136 million win? No, surely not. Well no, surely not. I won £2.60. But I'm not one to spit in the face of fate, and as such, woo! £2.60 is £2.60 and as such, that counts of a win.

I know, I know. And I had bourbons. I was bound to fall. Bound to. Life was too good.

In the spirit of happiness and new found wealth, I went on to my little netbook and seized the day, to continue with my WiP. Hang on... I'm sure my word count was higher. Why is my anchor word (The random word I use to mark my place so I can just search for it and jump straight in) missing?

I struggled for a while, then had a hissy fit. My new draft was missing. It was like I'd gone back in time. All the work I'd done over the previous day (2K, in total) was gone. I knew I'd saved it, and backed it up on the memory stick - where was it? It wasn't on my desktop, it wasn't on my memory stick. What the hell?

I considered magic, I considered government intervention. I considered memory loss and hallucination. Then it occurred to me. I'd worked off my memory stick, saved to my memory stick, then copied my old desktop file over the top. A wonderful scheme ruined by human error. My day full of win, no more.

Happily, there are people out there who cater for this sort of thing. I googled, and found who are very German, free, and very wonderful. PCInspector, I love you. I managed to recover my document (minus the first paragraph, for some reason, but happily that's saved on another computer) and recover an ounce of self respect. Alas, for my own stupidity. Be ye warned, no matter how wonderful your back-up system, you can balls it up entirely by your, or rather, my, stupidity.

I hang my head in shame.

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