Monday, 11 April 2011

Motivators and Such

So what with all the gigs and various things going on recently, it's been nice to have the past two weekends pretty much COMMITMENT FREE. I've slept in, stayed up late, and eaten my own body weight in microwave popcorn. This is the life, and I'm living it.

But I know what you're thinking. You're thinking 'Hey, Katherine, since you've had all this free time, have you used it profitably to get a massive spurt of work done on your WiP and caught up on the week or two you did nothing due to flu?"

To which I reply, quietly, 'Sorta.'

And 'sorta' pretty much sums it up. There was a massive, stay-up-stupidly-late-writing session the weekend before last where I burned through a few extra thousand words above my target, then I spent almost the whole of last week doing nothing (except for playing New Super Mario Brothers) before I panicked and did most of the 5000 over last weekend.

I think that having the 5K/week target has really helped me just get words down, albeit words done in a rush on a Sunday. Along with that, having the progress bar on the side of the blog to update at the end of every week has made me want to do it in case people look at it AND JUDGE ME AND FIND ME WANTING. Paranoia is profitable, people.

Another motivator is knowing that Mr Dishington and A.B. Fenner know of my target and ask me about it. In order to avoid the shame of having to admit how lazy I've been I have to do the work!

It sounds like I don't enjoy writing, and I really do, but it's a constant battle with procrastination. The idea that if I don't do it, I won't have wasted my time if it turns out rubbish. So that's my three-tier system involving paranoia and guilt, and that's what gets me writing. I should probably go and do some more...