Friday, 14 January 2011

First Drafts are Scary.

So I've spent the last fortnight procrastinating and over-analysing and similar, and I think I'm finally ready to start my first draft. It's not like it's my child for heaven's sake, but I've been pulling my hair out about ruining the story (and not having a working toilet, but that's another matter entirely!) and not actually getting on with it.

I mean, I may well end up ruining it, but that's where a second draft comes in!

Is anyone else in this position too? It's scary at the beginning of an ms, and it seems like a giant mountain to climb. If you're about to start work, or have already begun and would like a buddy to share first draft highs and lows with, let me know! My email's in the contact tab:)

I've got this Sunday to myself so plan to knuckle down for good then, although hopefully once I press publish here I can finally bite the bullet and get a few words down!

And just because, here are some owls in love;)


  1. I'm in the middle of writing the first draft of a short story/novel. I'm enjoying the process, but at the same time I'm scared because after all that work, will my work get published?

    I suppose writing is more about the process than the end product. So we should both keep going!

    BTW, I love the owls!

  2. Guess I'm the opposite, I get really excited and can't wait to spend all my time getting the story out.