Tuesday, 25 January 2011

First Draft Updates

You may recall my first draft and I haven't precisely been friends recently. It's very hard to be friends with something that doesn't actually exist...

So there was the worrying and the stressing and all that stuff, and then... I just started it. And it's going alright. It's a lot less scary now I've actually started and realised it doesn't have to be perfect straight away. Which is what I knew all along but heck, like I'd listen if I'd told myself that!

But hurrah! I'm going to write some more now:)


  1. Beginning any novel/piece of work is probably the hardest part of writing. I find that once I get going, it becomes easier.

    Initially first drafts are going to be full of mistakes and terrible writing, but it's a start. At least at the end of your first draft, you will have something to work with and improve.

    So keep going!

  2. Spangle's quite right. (Hello, Spangle!) Starting really is the hardest part.

    Which is probably why I'm using the excuse of doing some new-blog networking via Book Blogs - well, it's such fun! -instead of opening up that file with the 10,000 synopsis of a new book and getting serious with it...

    My top tip would be not to expect it all to be perfect in the beginning. Start writing and see how you go. Good luck!