Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sushi, Anti-Woo, Shadows and New Hair.

Happy Christmas-ish!
Admittedly it's a bit late, but I hope it found you and yours well.
Here is some (not remotely) festive sushi for your delight:

We made it just before Xmas, and now I wish only to eat things coated with rice and seaweed!

Writing-wise, the plan had been (as the plan always is) to use the hols productively and, having finished the plan of the novel (previously titled Destined, for want of a better one) I started the first draft! Woo!

Then, 300 words in, it didn't feel right. Anti-Woo. I get this thing with openers where if the feel isn't right I can't get into the other 70,000. My opener, despite (or perhaps because of) being heavily planned, didn't feel right. I know I can go back and edit it, but it just wasn't working for me.

For a few days I sort of mooched around and considered my skeleton manuscript, and I realised didn't particularly like it. I think this is one of the virtues of planning - I realise now I don't like it, rather than 200 hours in! I love my starting concept for it, and really want to tell a story based around it, but the one I'd gone with had turned out a bit... flat. Dull. Lifeless. (like my previous hair, hehe - more on THAT later!)

I took a while and tried to remember what it was that had excited me when I started planning this, a good few months ago now. I wanted something atmospheric and slightly gothic, while sticking to the Regency era. I'd also like it to be quite funny. Jury's out on that one:p

I think that now, after a few days of re-jigging I'm almost ready to start again. Still a few notes and things to iron out, but I've added a few more dimensions to it, and (hopefully) beefed up my lacklustre hero and heroine and made them a bit more... kick-ass. It's re-ignited my enthusiasm for the story, and I can't wait to start it.

Changes made, new working title is something along the lines of His Wicked Shadow, or Shadow or something. While I've read that it's considered a massive faux pas to send manuscript submissions complete with covers, I don't see a problem with a bit of concept art for my blog! I'm itching to do a few pics of my heroine, and if they work (I'm a bit rusty) I'll pop them up here in the coming... time.

In other news, what with the new year being all about change and moving forward and whatnot, a fortnight ago I bit the bullet and finally got the chop. I've had a shortish bob for the past year or so, but have been hankering after an elfin crop for some time. Now it's done.... I love it. My fears of looking like a man were unjustified (I reckon!), as were my concerns it would make my head look too small. My head is just as big as ever XD

Happy New Year!

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