Saturday, 4 December 2010

Advent Ups and Downs.

Yay, it's Advent! Which, since I'm on holiday this week means it's been tree time! It's mine and Mr Dishington's first Christmas in a house (well, shoebox-sized flat) on our own so we've got our first tree!
It's only a tiddler but it's full:) We managed to get a 4ft tree and outfit it for less than 20 quid so I'm really pleased with it. As well as baubles, it's hung with some tiny string ninjas we won last year from a 2p machine in Mablethorpe. In lieu of an angel, Mr D made us a gothic paper... thing? I'm hesitant to say angel, perhaps it's a demon? Either way, I'm really impressed!
Other news; sad stuff first. I've handed my notice in to Ape on the Moon. I'm still working there for the next week or so but unfortunately doing that on top of working full time and everything else was a bit too much. I've had a lovely time working there, and really enjoyed chatting to all the illustrators.

Good news, my short story, 'Pixie' has been published on Ether Books on the i-Platforms (Pad, Pod and Phone) and can be bought for 59p! I'm number 11 on the in-app best seller list, please help me make top ten! The app can be bought for free through i-tunes here:

There are loads of really good short stories on there, great for a quick read on a long journey when you've forgotten your book!

I've been doing some (lots of!) research on writing recently, and found an absolutely brilliant book I'd recommend to anyone. It's 'How Not to Write a Novel', and is basically written from the point of view that you don't want to be published ever, and if you follow these instructions, you never will. Very funny, highly recommended.

Any other good 'craft of writing' book recommendations? I'm after as much info as possible! I've found quite a few really good blogs as well, I'll hopefully link those another time. Suggestions gladly received:)

I'm putting a lot of effort into planning this new story I'm working on (working title, Destined, for want of a better one) and I feel I'm learning a lot about craft and plot and basically, good writing. Hopefully I can take it all in and use it to make my work better!

Until next time, over and out.

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