Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Organised Miss H.

It's been a busy couple of weeks really. I've been keeping up with my Ape-on-the-Moon-ing and let me tell you, I'm enormously glad I decided not to do NaNoWriMo this year! Instead I've been devoting my free time to in-depth research of, among other things, the Napoleonic Wars, Almacks and Debrett's Peerage.

I've written three full-length first drafts/completed manuscripts and they've always been seat-of-the-pants affairs which have taken variously two years, one month and five months to complete. Not to mention the three half-finished abandoned first drafts I've got 15K into and intend to revisit but have never got round to.

Since, three draft-uscripts down I am still unpublished (in novel-length fiction) I've decided to take a slower, more studied approach to this next one. I think I mentioned the snowflake method in my previous post, and I'm loosely using this idea to really get to grips with planning. I've started to get to know my characters (and filling out a 100 questions email for each one was enlightening to say the least!) and have boiled the entire plot down to one sentence. Following (and I must admit, adapting) the steps in the snowflake method, I've reached the stage where I think I'm ready to start writing a plan, which is exciting!

It was the extra hour last weekend, and given that deep down I'm still a lazy student, I was looking forward to sleeping through it. But new, organised, methodical Katherine gave lazy student Katherine a kick up the arse and instead I decided to stay up and do some work on the new novel. It was brilliant! Not the work necessarily, but I felt quite superhero-like working until 3 in the morning and still going to bed at two. Take that, time!