Friday, 22 October 2010

Updates: Contains Actual News

I remember the days when I used to blog every week, like clockwork, without fail. I even blogged from London from a tiny hotel without internet, just on the 3G on my phone. I even included a picture. Those were the halcyon days of blogging, where my dedication was un-floundering. Now, my dedication isn't precisely floundering, but it's more mixture of being busy and very forgetful. For the past week or two I've been thinking almost daily *I must blog about that* and so on, but by the time I've got to a computer I've completely forgotten what I was going to say. This doesn't bode well for getting older, but as usual, I digress.

So first things first, I got a sort of writing job. I work for scouting out and writing features and conducting interviews on the very best of contemporary illustration. Yay, I'm using my degree! Sort of! A bit.

So far so fun, and I've met some really nice people and been able to interview some illustrators whose work I've admired for years without it being called stalking. Double yay! It's all very part time freelance, but I can slot it in around my current full-time non-writing job, and feel very pro-active.

Second things second, still working on the old novel. Or rather, ignoring that colloquialism, new novel. I told my Mum the eureka-inducing sentence which sparked the whole idea and she was... underwhelmed. I think she put the whole thing down to the rather gothic 'phase I'm going through'. Mainly because that's what she said. I chose to ignore that:p Speaking of which, I got some lovely skull earrings from etsy!

Third thing (because if I'm to remember everything I need structure) is that I've had one of the short stories that was on my website accepted to be published by Ether Books. Also vaguely on, Ether Books is an i-pod/i-phone/i-whatever app you can download for free, and from which you can then purchase (generally for pence) short stories to read on the go. It's apparently aimed at commuters and busy people who want to read small things quickly on trains. I've signed a contract with them which covers Pixie (for it is she who is accepted) and any further shorts they accept from me for distribution via the app. As such three stories have disappeared off my short stories page (perhaps pre-emptively, but I'm too lazy to re-format my page more than once!) which all ties in well with the re-vamp and re-direction of my site. Considering Pixie has been assigned to the Horror category, its place isn't assured on a romance website...

So in summary, stuff's happened. I am a professional writer (sort of, ish, oh hush!) and have a short story on the road to e-publication. And really, check out, it's very good. Ignoring the three sentences I write on each of my posts, there are some really rather lovely pictures on there.

Katherine out.

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