Sunday, 10 October 2010

Epiphanies and stuff.

Lacklustre laziness has been the mark of the past few weeks for me. I've been down and bored and lethargic and somewhat disheartened and disillusioned with everything in the world, ever. I wanted to write but didn't know what I wanted to write. Then something happened. The epiphany, the eureka moment. I was at work passing the time by reading articles about who-knows-what and something struck me.

I stumbled upon one sentence which I couldn't stop repeating over and over in my head. I gave it some thought and it has grown into a new story I want to write, which will be a regency romance. The first full-length novel I ever wrote was a regency romance and the novels I tend to read are regency romances. Why do I not write regency romances? That was the reason I got into writing, but some time along the way, I forgot.

As such, that's the plan. I shall be editing my website over the next few weeks to make it more regency-appropriate (but the logo and buttons will remain the same - I can't get enough of hand-drawn Times New Roman)

I like romance. I like nice things, and love, and balls (I love a good ball) and so yes. I am cheered and planning. I am trying a new approach to this novel. Trying not to rush through it, what's that phrase - seat-of-the-pants writing? I am learning to know my characters better by using a tip I heard once, I forget where, which is to fill out those 100 questions emails as your character. You know all sorts of back story you may or may not use and get a much more well-rounded character. Similarly I'm not going to just have a vague idea of what's going to happen, and see where it goes, I am going to scrupulously plan, and while the story will develop and change as I write it, it won't be so... shoddy. Hopefully. Let's just see how it goes!

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