Sunday, 29 August 2010

Tis the 29th August...

And as such you have three days to retweet to win a napkin. Woo!

I read Neverwhere this week (Neil Gaiman), and it's wonderful. I raced through it, it's a bit grim but it's clever and funny and everything you expect from Gaiman. Read it if you can! I'll lend you mine if you promise to look after it! I've got the DVD of the tv series as well so I'll hopefully be watching that this long weekend with the ever lovely Mr Dishington.

If shoes are your bag and you have small feet (uk 5 or below) I highly recommend you check out Tammy in BHS. Yes they're for age 16 or below, but they're so pretty! I got a pair of black suede shoe-boots with a high-ish heel and a ruffle down the front. They look like I've stolen them off a tiny gothic French duke, and were only twenty squids. If you've got small feet you can get really nice shoes for not too much money from the teenage section of stores like BHS and New Look which are cheaper than their adult counterparts:) yes, you get stick from your larger footed friends, but they're so nice! I once got some beautiful brocade style grey trainers for only three pounds that way!

Enough clothes talk! Does anyone have any romance genre mills and boon they can lend me? All mine are historical but I'm thinking of branching out:D hope y'all have a good weekend!

Miss H

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