Sunday, 4 July 2010

All sorts of things.

I got me a job! Which certainly pushes things on in the whole moving to Leeds direction. Flat hunting is now the priority as I start work (as a receptionist at a chartered accountants, no less) before the end of the month. Everything feels really frantic but at the moment I can't do anything other than wait because it's a fortnight until we can get back to Leeds to look at places:o

Other news, it's my birthday next week, and while I quiver in fear of my swiftly anticipating years(!), I was asked for ID yesterday when I wasn't even buying alcohol (I ordered a Mocktail), and as such feel considerably better.

I cancelled my account with Authonomy on Thursday. Got into an argument with someone's wife who was hassling me to back her husband because he couldn't hassle me because he'd dislocated his shoulder.

My point exactly.

In the spirit of moving on, I'm going to start hassling agents to back me on Guin (irony intended). I say "I'm going to start", by which I mean, at some point, when I'm moved and am not cross, I'll think about sending things out, eventually spend an evening doing it and then I'll feel depressed. Hurrah.

Despite my general lethargy and annoyance at everything in the world, ever, things feel OK. I'll be in a new year with a new job in a new place. Feels like progress. And who knows, I may even get round to re-writing the NaNoWriMo within the next two months...

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