Sunday, 25 July 2010


I was so proud when I came up with *Pack-tastic* on Twitter that I thought I'd use it on here as well. Indeed.

But this week is Pack-tastic, or at least should have been, but I couldn't be bothered so this weekend is hecticly pack-tastic and you find me in my pyjamas still packing and taking a break between rooms. Moving on Wednesday, and while that still means I've got AGES, I'm at work Monday and Tuesday and visiting friends on Monday evening. Mr Dishington is available to pack those days but I don't want to leave it all to him.

In NaNoNews (or rather, They all look like Penguins) I.... haven't written much. I know it isn't what you're supposed to do but I've re-written the opening about seven times now. I don't know about you, though, but if my opener isn't right, I just can't progress onto the rest of the book. I rewrote the first few hundred words of Guin because it just didn't feel right. I know I can go back and change it at any point, but the first few paragraphs set the tone for the entire book and if I don't get it right I feel like the whole rest of the book won't be right as well.

So that's where we are. Or rather, I haven't written anything really, and am sitting in my pyjamas in a bomb-site of a room sneezing every few seconds. That, more precisely, is where I am. Really excited about changing jobs, and starting the new one on Thursday. So much to do! Should probably get on with it.

On another note, here is one of my favourite songs of ever, VERY VERY LOUD:

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Drought and Depression

Not as good as Sense and Sensibility, I grant you, but life ain't a novel and never will be. Drought refers to the lack of writing over the recent weeks and depression refers to intended house moving (hopefully within the next two weeks. fingers hugely crossed.)

The road to Leeds isn't a smooth one and has been strewn with mishap and complication. It's no-one's fault, really, just a mixture of inexperience and the irritating fact that you have to prove you are yourself and live where you say you do via extensive (and often expensive) ID checks (despite never having left the country, not being in debt and having been with the same bank for over ten years) but now I'm rambling and being bitter, so best stop. Everything will hopefully be sorted within a few days though, here's to better news next week!

In less glum news, on to my writing drought. Having done all I can physically do in preparation for possible flat acquisition, I'm turning back to the NaNoWriMo I left off all those months ago and, all being well, draft two should begin this very night. I miss writing so much, it makes me feel like I'm not completely worthless and not, drone-like, going through the motions of life, waiting for an inevitable and ever-approaching death.

See, depression!

Monday, 12 July 2010


The more stalkerish of you may have noticed that I am blogging a day late. The remaining 100% of you won't have, but I shall tell you why anyway.

There are two reasons why I delayed my usual blogging (only previously delayed because I've been without internet) and these are as follows:

1) It was my birthday (I am successfully older than I was before) and
2) I had absolutely nothing to say.

As it happens, I still don't have a lot (if anything) to say, but here we are, as is the blogging tradition, to talk about nothing. In lieu of a blog about nothing or what I had for breakfast or similar mundanery, here is a video my friend sent me over Facebook as a happy birthday. I think it's brilliant.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

All sorts of things.

I got me a job! Which certainly pushes things on in the whole moving to Leeds direction. Flat hunting is now the priority as I start work (as a receptionist at a chartered accountants, no less) before the end of the month. Everything feels really frantic but at the moment I can't do anything other than wait because it's a fortnight until we can get back to Leeds to look at places:o

Other news, it's my birthday next week, and while I quiver in fear of my swiftly anticipating years(!), I was asked for ID yesterday when I wasn't even buying alcohol (I ordered a Mocktail), and as such feel considerably better.

I cancelled my account with Authonomy on Thursday. Got into an argument with someone's wife who was hassling me to back her husband because he couldn't hassle me because he'd dislocated his shoulder.

My point exactly.

In the spirit of moving on, I'm going to start hassling agents to back me on Guin (irony intended). I say "I'm going to start", by which I mean, at some point, when I'm moved and am not cross, I'll think about sending things out, eventually spend an evening doing it and then I'll feel depressed. Hurrah.

Despite my general lethargy and annoyance at everything in the world, ever, things feel OK. I'll be in a new year with a new job in a new place. Feels like progress. And who knows, I may even get round to re-writing the NaNoWriMo within the next two months...