Sunday, 20 June 2010



Happy Father's Day, by the bye. May your sideboards be packed with jelly beans and chocolate items!

The main thrust of the blog today is basically going to be me going *Look, Guin's up, it's the last one, look what I did, I did a Guin!!!*

So yeah, the last Guin's up, bringing it up to a round 25 chapters and just shy of 50,000 words. Since it's a few weeks since I wrote it, was nice to re-read it afresh when I put it up today. I kinda miss doing it, and I'm looking forward to starting on the second draft at some time in the future. Either way, if you have read the whole thing, thank you for sticking with it! You can read the new chapter and the whole rest of it here:

Guin aside, it's been a pretty barren couple of weeks on the writing front. I can either proof-read old stuff (which needs doing, really, and is fairly painless) or re-read the NaNoWriMo and start draft two of that, which is a MAMMOTH job since I'm basically changing most of it completely. All that's been shoved to one side for the moment since I'm job searching for the big move in a couple of months. I miss the writing and not doing it is depressing me, but jobs need to be found!

Finally, if you haven't looked at it already, check out the photocomic Mr Dishington did with some collaboration from me. It's very, very pretty. And I will put it on the links page at some point, I promise.

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  1. Golden stuff H.
    If you get a chance, i'm just starting out. they say you should houng everyone you know so please give the first snippet of my short story a read