Sunday, 13 June 2010

Busy busy

It's been busy.

Bit of work, (not much though) and lots and lots of cleaning and helping moving! The house has been a bit chaotic for the past week or two but after a mammoth and knackering cleaning sesh this weekend it's all sparkly and shiny and lemony fresh. Nice to have the chaos gone but missing my housemates already!

All this moving malarky has made me excited about our big move in just over two months. Worried about the whole job thing, been applying and applying and applying and (holy crap was that thunder? a storm's a brewing) applying for every admin job I can find, the sooner I get one the sooner we can get going! And the less I worry about being homeless and poor come September. If anyone wants to give me a huge publishing contract and a massive advance, if only to ease my worries, that'd be just grand!

Just watching come dine with me, and someone just used the word "plumptious". Wonderful! And she really is plumptious, and it's lovely.

(There's a power cut. Storm doesn't like me)

In actual writing news, the penultimate Guin is up and online. I'm quite pleased with it, as far as it goes. Wrote it quite a while ago so it's like reading it afresh when I proof read it before I post it online.

(Lights back on, short and sweet)

Also, here's a photocomic by Mr Dishington that I wrote and he made good. It's about being separated from society and how that can effect you over time. And it looks SOOOO purdy! Please see below, it's free and online:)

Just seen an Oasis ad on tv for some compilation album. Hearing Oasis always makes me miss my Dad! Growing up is scary, kids.

Until next week!

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