Sunday, 2 May 2010

I'm a model, me.

No, I'm not. Either way, the wonderful Mr Dishington ( spent some time with me in a wood and we came away with some photos of me I actually liked and where my nose wasn't filling 90% of the picture. No slight on his photography skills, I assure you, more that my nose has a tendency to grow on camera until I look like a nose with a person on, rather than the other way round.

Photos done, they're now strategically positioned around the internet, not least of all on this blog!
I tried to get them on this actual post but it would only do it STUPID and I can't be bothered to do it properly. If you particularly long to see more snaps of me in a wood (there are two where I'm in a tree!) then here's a link to the album on facebook...

Indeed. They're also on, on my profile, having been speedily updated by the very nice Jane who runs the thing. If you click on the articles page, you'll see my mug staring at you. Lovely!
In other news, the time draws nearer for moving, which is scary and exciting and weird. Also, I've been writing more Guin. Will put one up this evening and I've already written next weeks, exciting:) hopefully get one more written this bank hols and then as many as possible as soon as! The plan is to have it finished by the time we move at the latest, and HOPEFULLY before that, my preliminary deadline is July...
Other than that, happy bank hols!

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