Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hot enough for ya?

I write this on an almost dead iPhone on a boiling hot train somewhere between Sheffield and Lincoln. Myself and Mr Dishington went on a jaunt to Manchester for the weekend, which has unfortunately ended up being mid heatwave. Why the hell is there a heatwave in May? Nonetheless, Manc was fun, met some nice people, looked around the art gallery and a few shops, went out on Saturday night and had a BBQ this morning. "Due to equipment failure" the train from Sheffield where we changed was cancelled so we've had an unplanned detour which was quite nice. Knackered though!

In other news, Guin is slowly progressing. I'll post the new ep up this evening. Should end up being 25 to 30 chapters which is alright. On the whole, while I don't hate how it's ended up, it isn't as fairy tale as I wanted. Guin sees the world differently to everyone else; he lives by the code of magic and fairy tales which is one of the factors in why he ends up so screwed up. How it is currently there's not enough fairytale stuff in there so hopefully I can work more of that in once I start on the second draft. On the whole it's been a learning curve and I think enforced writing targets is defintely the way to get things done!

As to whether it's worked, I'll let you be the judge. It's quite embarassing to have a flawed first draft put out there (to about five people, admittedly!) but I think it'd be more embarassing to have given up a few weeks in. So on that note, pride still intact, happy heatwave!

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  1. you are right - it wd have been worse to have reneged. You have kept going brilliantly. The story is gaining all the time - it has tons of potential. A second draft would be fantastic. For all I know it already exists but as I am reading from the beginning and I am a year behind at this point I still don't know. It's weird this time slippage reading whilst you are forging ahead up there at the front! As I write this it is 21st Jan. 2011