Sunday, 16 May 2010

Albert, The Kid Is Ghosting


I'm currently at home for the weekend, and having caught up with parents and friends, today I'm heading back to Lincoln for the boring grind of data input again. This is made a bit more bearable by the knowledge that I'll be leaving in about three months, which is when myself and Mr D make the move to pastures new, God only knows where. I've started applying for jobs this week, do you have any?

On the way home this weekend I went through Doncaster Station and on the way in to it there is the weirdest piece of graffiti ever. "Albert, the kid is ghosting" is scrawled in big, black, spray-painted letters under a bridge. I googled it and loads of people have seen it but nobody knows what it means. It's inspired T-shirts and possibly even a band name. I rather like it.

Other news, Guin is, as always, up. Discovered the link to my site on my facebook page is wrong, and has been wrong since I set it up. GIANT OOPS. Am a huge idiot, do I not know the difference between .com and!? It was pointed out to me by someone on the page and I've changed it now, but feel rather silly...

As far as writing ahead for Guin goes, I'm about to begin the home stretch. It should end up being between 25 and 30 chapters, or between 50 and 60 thousand words, which isn't really bad for a first draft. With that under my belt I'm going to start on draft two of the NaNoWriMo and start applying to agents again. Fingers crossed with that.

Have a good week!

Miss H.

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