Sunday, 30 May 2010

Is It Sunday Already?

It doesn't feel like a Sunday, what with this whole bank holiday thing we've got going on. Not that I'm complaining, so many bank hols, I could get used to this... But it's been a long week, so I need a long weekend to recover! I say a long week, but really, it was just a long Wednesday. First of all Guin ended up getting finished:S It's 25 (sort of) chapters which brings it in at just under 50,000 words which ain't too bad for a first draft I don't reckon. I changed the ending just before I wrote it so it's gone from a sort of Hollywood ending to one which feels more appropriate, in my opinion. I don't know though, I might change it in the second draft. Either way, it'll all be going up over the next few weeks. Felt very sad when it was done.

I'm trying to bring myself to re-read the whole thing before the last few chapters are put up, just to check there are no major continuity errors (I found one in my NaNo which made a scandal into scandalous incest!) but I just don't seem to be able to bring myself to do it. Once I do that I'll have to accept that a) it's over for now and b) I'm going to have to get on with the mammoth task of second drafting the NaNo. Scary.

But when I finished writing Guin at around midnight, the day wasn't over! I'd been debating whether or not to stay up and watch Julia Quinn's book reading and Q&A session which was going out from Oregan as a live webcast, and eventually decided I ought not to miss it. I adore her books and got really excited about it! Had a bit of a mix up with the times though because I thought it was on at midnight (which would be 7pm in New York) but when I tuned in it wasn't on! Google then sorted me out and it was on at 3am in the morning! Coming from the UK I have absolutely no conception of seperate time zones! By that time I was so excited and I'd already submitted my questions so I had to set my alarm and get up to watch it!

So glad I did! I wouldn't have missed it for anything! I'd submitted a question earlier in the evening and it was picked as one of a few email questions to be answered XD Not only that but when she read my name (not Miss H, alas!) she said it was very regency sounding! I got stupidly excited and immediately text Mr Dishington who happened to be at work and very much awake. When the thing finished at 4 am I couldn't sleep because I was still so excited! Needless to say, I was very very tired at work the next day!

My hyperactivity and ensuing exhaustion aside, the webcast was a brilliant idea, I think. Not only was someone I greatly admire humanised, which made my dream feel a little less far-fetched, but we learned all about her creative process and I picked up a few tips to boot! It's lovely to see someone so enthusiastic about what they do, and I can't wait for my copy of her new book, Ten Things I Love About You to arrive!

So little time so much to tell! Other than that my housemates and I had a photo shoot which was sort of commemorative of our time in the house (we're all moving out and/or to various parts of the country over the next few months) and it was super duper fun! Definitely going to be putting a few of those up once we've moved.

And now I'm going to listen to Amanda Palmer and try and force myself to re-read Guin. I leave you with this...

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hot enough for ya?

I write this on an almost dead iPhone on a boiling hot train somewhere between Sheffield and Lincoln. Myself and Mr Dishington went on a jaunt to Manchester for the weekend, which has unfortunately ended up being mid heatwave. Why the hell is there a heatwave in May? Nonetheless, Manc was fun, met some nice people, looked around the art gallery and a few shops, went out on Saturday night and had a BBQ this morning. "Due to equipment failure" the train from Sheffield where we changed was cancelled so we've had an unplanned detour which was quite nice. Knackered though!

In other news, Guin is slowly progressing. I'll post the new ep up this evening. Should end up being 25 to 30 chapters which is alright. On the whole, while I don't hate how it's ended up, it isn't as fairy tale as I wanted. Guin sees the world differently to everyone else; he lives by the code of magic and fairy tales which is one of the factors in why he ends up so screwed up. How it is currently there's not enough fairytale stuff in there so hopefully I can work more of that in once I start on the second draft. On the whole it's been a learning curve and I think enforced writing targets is defintely the way to get things done!

As to whether it's worked, I'll let you be the judge. It's quite embarassing to have a flawed first draft put out there (to about five people, admittedly!) but I think it'd be more embarassing to have given up a few weeks in. So on that note, pride still intact, happy heatwave!

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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Albert, The Kid Is Ghosting


I'm currently at home for the weekend, and having caught up with parents and friends, today I'm heading back to Lincoln for the boring grind of data input again. This is made a bit more bearable by the knowledge that I'll be leaving in about three months, which is when myself and Mr D make the move to pastures new, God only knows where. I've started applying for jobs this week, do you have any?

On the way home this weekend I went through Doncaster Station and on the way in to it there is the weirdest piece of graffiti ever. "Albert, the kid is ghosting" is scrawled in big, black, spray-painted letters under a bridge. I googled it and loads of people have seen it but nobody knows what it means. It's inspired T-shirts and possibly even a band name. I rather like it.

Other news, Guin is, as always, up. Discovered the link to my site on my facebook page is wrong, and has been wrong since I set it up. GIANT OOPS. Am a huge idiot, do I not know the difference between .com and!? It was pointed out to me by someone on the page and I've changed it now, but feel rather silly...

As far as writing ahead for Guin goes, I'm about to begin the home stretch. It should end up being between 25 and 30 chapters, or between 50 and 60 thousand words, which isn't really bad for a first draft. With that under my belt I'm going to start on draft two of the NaNoWriMo and start applying to agents again. Fingers crossed with that.

Have a good week!

Miss H.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Strawberry Cider

Hello there.
Good weekend?
Isn't it rubbish that it's not a bank holiday this week? Got used to the extra day off stupidly quickly.

Have used the time, I suppose, to get ahead with Guin. Am now two (well, one and a bit) chapters ahead and might poooooossibly have finished writing the whole thing, first draft that it is, by the end of the month. Yay! There should be another 10 or so chapters which would take it up to about 30 in total. And it'll be bloody depressing. Then, on with 'But Maybe That's Just Me', which I'd like to get restarted before we leave Lincoln because it's really a book about my time here, silly as it may be.

In other news, I had strawberry cider today, hence the title, and instead of swigging it from the bottle in my usual loutish way, I had it in a glass in a rather nice pub in Lincoln. Felt a little bit like a proper person!

Nearer and nearer draws the time of moving which is exciting and bed-wettingly nerve-wracking. Going to start looking for jobs soon, kinda just wish I could quit my job now and get on with my writing in the hope of getting somewhere with that and never having to work a proper job again! *ahem* Dream on.

Work again tomorrow, so I'm going to go and be depressed about that now.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

I'm a model, me.

No, I'm not. Either way, the wonderful Mr Dishington ( spent some time with me in a wood and we came away with some photos of me I actually liked and where my nose wasn't filling 90% of the picture. No slight on his photography skills, I assure you, more that my nose has a tendency to grow on camera until I look like a nose with a person on, rather than the other way round.

Photos done, they're now strategically positioned around the internet, not least of all on this blog!
I tried to get them on this actual post but it would only do it STUPID and I can't be bothered to do it properly. If you particularly long to see more snaps of me in a wood (there are two where I'm in a tree!) then here's a link to the album on facebook...

Indeed. They're also on, on my profile, having been speedily updated by the very nice Jane who runs the thing. If you click on the articles page, you'll see my mug staring at you. Lovely!
In other news, the time draws nearer for moving, which is scary and exciting and weird. Also, I've been writing more Guin. Will put one up this evening and I've already written next weeks, exciting:) hopefully get one more written this bank hols and then as many as possible as soon as! The plan is to have it finished by the time we move at the latest, and HOPEFULLY before that, my preliminary deadline is July...
Other than that, happy bank hols!