Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sooooo many links/ Gloomy Sunday

You know that thing about buses? Well lots of things have been *published* this week:

A review of a book inspired by Joanna Newsom in the paper edition and online version of Faux magazine,
A run down on the newly passed Digital Economy Bill in Faux Magazine online
A book review on Newsblaze,
and three (yes, three!) things on CWN, which are two interviews and a fashion article.
Phew. Links on the Published Work page :)

All of which makes me feel very prolific but I know the next few weeks (nay, months) will be very quiet on the output front. I've decided that my current book-on-the-go will be my NaNoWriMo which means I should actually get round to editing it! Am slightly startled by the fact that if I want a free proof copy I need to basically re-write the whole entire pigging thing by July. Oh dear. Do-able, yes, but on top of Guin?

I double titled this blog because, quite frankly, Sunday is gloomy (and I really like the song). Sunday is the most depressing days of the week. Monday is on the horizon, and the next weekend is almost an entire week away. I hate Sundays.

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