Sunday, 11 April 2010


I've not been buying a lot of clothes the past few months since all my money's gone on travel and hotels for when we went to Leeds and London. This is my first month with no big money commitments like that so I hit the shops on Tuesday and it was brilliant!

I'm loving the cute florals there are at the moment, which I think look lovely with long cardigans and waist belts. I basically bought the display in Primark because I thought it looked so good! I also gave in to the whole nautical thing, in a small way at least by going for navy. So I'm all ready for summer now, and loving it!

But all other purchases fade into insignificance next to MY NEW BOOTS. If you saw that Jonathan Creek the other week, you MUST have seen Sheridan Smith's boots. They were workman style high top leather boots with a loose-laced front. I saw some in International and was lost... and have basically been wearing them constantly ever since. Can I get away with them for work do you think? I love them with skinny jeans and even MORE with tights and my new little floral dress.

So that's my little clothesy rant out of the way!

It's a bit depressing that it's a Sunday now, because all the fun of holidays and bank holidays is over for the foreseeable future and we're back to the standard 40 hours a week at work and trying to cram everything into a piddlingly small weekend. Never mind, eh? Am getting excited about moving now, less than five months to go!

Writing wise, I'm in the new Faux magazine which should be out imminently, and there are plans for a bit more in the works. Guin's up, as well. I've had my ups and downs with him, but now the story's got more established and I know the characters better, I'm looking forward to finding out what happens to him next. Poor Guin, though:(

Am currently reading The Children's Book by A.S. Byatt, and it's absolutely wonderful. So in-depth, well researched and beautifully written. I wish I could write like that.

And on that note, better get back to work!

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