Sunday, 7 March 2010

Stuff. Again.

I can't remember if I've done a blog called 'Stuff' before, but it sounds like precisely the sort of thing I would do.

Well, I've done Guin, to be found as usual on the writing page, but other than that, a few extra things have occurred this week which are worthy of note.

I am on the Creative Women's Network website now, on the articles page, which is a boon, and I'll be doing a few articles for them soon:) Currently no link on my page but that should arrive shortly.

In a similar vein I've signed up to do reviews for News Blaze which I will hopefully get onto asap!

Am looking forward to a quiet week next week where I can catch up on doing EVERYTHING. Including sleep, yawn!

Finally, went to see The Princess and the Frog today. Was AWESOME. Even though me and my friend were the oldest people there without kids. Slightly embarrassing, but nonetheless, brillo pads.

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