Sunday, 21 March 2010

More stuff.

I'm going to have to start thinking of proper titles, I really am.

Nonetheless, more stuff has indeed been happening. I've settled on what to do with my Creative Women's Network article page, and that's going to be a selection of interviews I'm doing with successful women who've got their own businesses. I've already interviewed (and spent lots of money with!) Bellalili, who makes gorgeous gothic/steampunk jewellery. Hopefully that should be up on the site within the next few weeks:)

I'm all Guin-ed up, got quite excited and wrote two weeks worth this week (yay no more writer's block!) which is handy since I'm in Leeds next weekend which will make posting and writing tricky.

Really looking forward to going home and then to Leeds, always lovely to be back in Yorkshire! Getting quite excited about deciding where to move when the tenancy runs out here in Lincoln:)

Erm other than that, work-wise, I'm going to be re-jigging the site a bit this evening (hopefully!) and moving a lot of the links to stuff I've had published onto my writing page. Makes a bit more sense I reckon to have it on the writing page rather than links, although some links will remain!

Am nearer to having a reviews page up as well but that's still not one for the imminent future I'm afraid. From feeling very swamped the past few weeks, I'm feeling a lot better now I've caught up quite a bit. I even bought an A3(ish) white board from tesco (£2.50, bargain) for my mammoth to do list and already feel more organised!

Went for two lovely walk/picnics with Mr Dishington this weekend, loving the nice weather we're having!

To end with a bit of a rant, I started being officially vegetarian for new year which is going well (a few slip ups with sweets - does everything have gelatine in?!) except if I go out to eat anywhere all I can eat is THE SAME THING. I've cut out fish as well which means I can either eat egg mayo sandwiches or cheese and onion ones in most shops (thank heavens I'm still eating dairy!), which is really annoying if I pop to town on my lunch break. Not to mention unhealthy. I know, I should be making my own exciting veggie sandwiches, cheaper, better for you etc, but it would be nice to have more of an option when I'm being lazy!

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