Wednesday, 31 March 2010


If I ever get a book published, I might have to get someone else to come up with titles.

Anyway, a somewhat belated bloggery this week, I was AWOL and internetless all weekend and unfortunately completely forgot to blog once I'd got back. Got Guin up on Monday though, so go there for your weekly dose of hurriedly written, slight weirdery.

Two interviews are done which is super, hopefully they should be online soon, had a lovely time interviewing the two ladies, was really interesting and inspiring. Am on the lookout for more successful creative women to interview, this time based in the UK, any suggestions?

I'm feeling a bit bad that other than Guin, I've not written any fiction for ages:s and by the looks there won't be any new shorts for a while either, got SOOOOOOO much on. Can't wait for the bank holiday to catch up!

Happy Easter!!


  1. Is musically creative good too? I can think of a few... I'm guessing Guin is an ongoing project?

  2. Musically creative would be brilliant, although if they're too successful I doubt they (or rather whoever they're signed with) would let me interview them!:(
    Yup, Guin is ongoing, basically a 2000 word a week deal to make sure I keep writing, even if it does turn out to be absolute drivel! If you fancy a look, it's here: