Wednesday, 31 March 2010


If I ever get a book published, I might have to get someone else to come up with titles.

Anyway, a somewhat belated bloggery this week, I was AWOL and internetless all weekend and unfortunately completely forgot to blog once I'd got back. Got Guin up on Monday though, so go there for your weekly dose of hurriedly written, slight weirdery.

Two interviews are done which is super, hopefully they should be online soon, had a lovely time interviewing the two ladies, was really interesting and inspiring. Am on the lookout for more successful creative women to interview, this time based in the UK, any suggestions?

I'm feeling a bit bad that other than Guin, I've not written any fiction for ages:s and by the looks there won't be any new shorts for a while either, got SOOOOOOO much on. Can't wait for the bank holiday to catch up!

Happy Easter!!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

More stuff.

I'm going to have to start thinking of proper titles, I really am.

Nonetheless, more stuff has indeed been happening. I've settled on what to do with my Creative Women's Network article page, and that's going to be a selection of interviews I'm doing with successful women who've got their own businesses. I've already interviewed (and spent lots of money with!) Bellalili, who makes gorgeous gothic/steampunk jewellery. Hopefully that should be up on the site within the next few weeks:)

I'm all Guin-ed up, got quite excited and wrote two weeks worth this week (yay no more writer's block!) which is handy since I'm in Leeds next weekend which will make posting and writing tricky.

Really looking forward to going home and then to Leeds, always lovely to be back in Yorkshire! Getting quite excited about deciding where to move when the tenancy runs out here in Lincoln:)

Erm other than that, work-wise, I'm going to be re-jigging the site a bit this evening (hopefully!) and moving a lot of the links to stuff I've had published onto my writing page. Makes a bit more sense I reckon to have it on the writing page rather than links, although some links will remain!

Am nearer to having a reviews page up as well but that's still not one for the imminent future I'm afraid. From feeling very swamped the past few weeks, I'm feeling a lot better now I've caught up quite a bit. I even bought an A3(ish) white board from tesco (£2.50, bargain) for my mammoth to do list and already feel more organised!

Went for two lovely walk/picnics with Mr Dishington this weekend, loving the nice weather we're having!

To end with a bit of a rant, I started being officially vegetarian for new year which is going well (a few slip ups with sweets - does everything have gelatine in?!) except if I go out to eat anywhere all I can eat is THE SAME THING. I've cut out fish as well which means I can either eat egg mayo sandwiches or cheese and onion ones in most shops (thank heavens I'm still eating dairy!), which is really annoying if I pop to town on my lunch break. Not to mention unhealthy. I know, I should be making my own exciting veggie sandwiches, cheaper, better for you etc, but it would be nice to have more of an option when I'm being lazy!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Writer's block

Is that where the apostrophe is supposed to go? Wikipedia says yes. Anyhoo, I've sort of got it, which is annoying.

Guin was a struggle. I knew how Chapter 11 was supposed to start and end but that was it. The 1500 words in the middle were a mystery to me. I finished it about twenty minutes ago and it didn't even end in the right place but it's turned out alright I think. I hope, anyway.

After weeks of complaining to myself that nothing was happening writery-wise, things actually are, which is nice. Got an article on the News Blaze website but it's only one and it seems a bit stupid to start promoting it when all I've got is one review. It is a very good book though... I'll get the link to my profile (with a list of my articles on it) on my Links page once I've got a few more. Let's say three. Only two to go!

Possibly most exciting of all is that I've been given my own articles page on the Creative Women's Network. I have an introductory article up there already, and space for more. I'm just not decided on what I'm going to write about yet. Hmm. The very nice lady who runs the site, Jane, has been nice enough to offer me part of a seasonal piece as well:)

Also on my to-do list apart from the articles is; re-jigging my NaNoWriMo, reading a shelf-load more books and reviewing them for various places, re-writing my original Teh Big Storeh, planning a new full length Regency romance (this is on the bottom of the pile, perhaps for next year's NaNo?) and a couple more short stories I've got ideas for. Oh, and planning another photoshoot with the lovely Mr Dishington - I've certainly made the most of the shots he did for me before!

Is it bad that I'm resenting my time at my actual job because I wish I was writing? Probably not, in the long run. Either way, bills still need paying so I'll definitely be sticking it out for the forseeable.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Stuff. Again.

I can't remember if I've done a blog called 'Stuff' before, but it sounds like precisely the sort of thing I would do.

Well, I've done Guin, to be found as usual on the writing page, but other than that, a few extra things have occurred this week which are worthy of note.

I am on the Creative Women's Network website now, on the articles page, which is a boon, and I'll be doing a few articles for them soon:) Currently no link on my page but that should arrive shortly.

In a similar vein I've signed up to do reviews for News Blaze which I will hopefully get onto asap!

Am looking forward to a quiet week next week where I can catch up on doing EVERYTHING. Including sleep, yawn!

Finally, went to see The Princess and the Frog today. Was AWESOME. Even though me and my friend were the oldest people there without kids. Slightly embarrassing, but nonetheless, brillo pads.