Sunday, 7 February 2010

Catching up.

It's been a week of odds n sods, but last night I managed to actually get a chapter ahead with Guin, which means I'll have next week to catch up on all sorts of other things like reviews and re-reading nanowrimo etc, if all goes to plan.

New Guin posted up now. Bit weird. I sat down not having a clue what I was going to write, only knowing the vaguest of plans as to where the story needed to end up: I needed a back story for the man in the bed, and I needed Guin to decide what to do. Am a little disturbed at how it ended up. But then, it's probably more graphic in my head than on the page, and I'm an enormous wuss.

In other news, my article on the Creative Women's Network should be up next week, and I MIGHT have a review in the new issue of Faux (out on Wednesday), but I don't know... hope I do!

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