Sunday, 28 February 2010


So I'm in London. Myself and Mr Dishington came on Friday and are leaving on Monday after what will have been a long and strange weekend of London-ness. First things first, I wish I was rich. We discovered why cheap hotels are cheap and found flats which cost more money to rent a month than we earn in a year. Depressing.

Hammersmith is a nice place though, I like that the Apollo is so close and we're even going to a comedy gig at the Lyric tonight with Richard Herring. Well, not with him as such but... Also, big fan of the tube. Have been on it so much in the past few days, I quite fancy a tea towel with it on. It's so efficient and quick, although everyone on it clearly hates eachother if not themselves as well.

London as a whole (although I think including places like Stratford in London is pushing it a bit) has to be one of the least friendly places I've ever been. Granted, people are busy but nobody says please or thank you, and everyone tends to look startled if you do. I don't like that. If we ever asked anyone for help or directions or anything, they treated us a bit like crap. Even shop assistants were unfriendly. Is everyone in the Greater London area just really unhappy? I never really thought about it but people in Lincoln and Wakefield and Leeds are a lot... Nicer? Maybe happier? I don't know.

Enough London bashing though, the actual city is beautiful. We went through what I'm assuming is the business district on Saturday and weirdly everything was completely deserted. Absolutely stunning, I love the buildings and how The Monument is randomly hidden around a corner. We also went to Westminster and saw the houses of parliament which was brilliant as well. And found a vegetarian restaurant which appeared to serve hedgehog. So swings and roundabouts, but central London is lovely (and Harrods food court is amazing!) and weirdly, I have never felt more northern in my life.

Here is a rubbish picture of Big Ben, a statue, a tree and a building:)

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Location:Overstone Rd,Hammersmith,United Kingdom

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Just a quick one

Since I'm almost on my way out to go to a Chris Addison comedy gig in Nottingham. 'Citin!

Guin's up, via the writing page. had a bit of trouble this week, so much happening and the fact is I've only just finished it! A bit worried about next weeks since I've got so much on and only three evenings in which to do it, but it should, fingers crossed, all get done in time.

London next weekend for a trip, all being well. Looking forward to that, not least since it means some days off work.

And that's pretty much it!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's

But this isn't a Valentine's post, although I have had a very nice day with Mr Dishington!

Hold on to your seats, something has.. happened.. I actually have some news to report on the writerly front. A review I wrote on Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination by Helen Fielding has been published (as in on paper, physical copy) published in the first edition of Faux Magazine which can be found either online here or selected coffee shops and boutiques around Lincoln. A copy of my page is can be found here or via the Links page.

So that's all very exciting. Had a very relaxing weekend which is nice considering how hectic everything's going to be for the rest of the month! Looking forward to going to Nottingham next weekend to see Mr Chris Addison and then going to that London place the weekend after. 'Citin'!

As usual, Guin is up, less twisted this chapter I think - I'm starting to feel sorry for the poor boy.


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

It's only Wednesday but...

"It's been a week of odds n sods, but last night I managed to actually get a chapter ahead with Guin, which means I'll have next week to catch up on all sorts of other things like reviews and re-reading nanowrimo etc, if all goes to plan."

Nothing has gone to plan. But I'm in Faux magazine, which is something. More on that at the weekend.

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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Catching up.

It's been a week of odds n sods, but last night I managed to actually get a chapter ahead with Guin, which means I'll have next week to catch up on all sorts of other things like reviews and re-reading nanowrimo etc, if all goes to plan.

New Guin posted up now. Bit weird. I sat down not having a clue what I was going to write, only knowing the vaguest of plans as to where the story needed to end up: I needed a back story for the man in the bed, and I needed Guin to decide what to do. Am a little disturbed at how it ended up. But then, it's probably more graphic in my head than on the page, and I'm an enormous wuss.

In other news, my article on the Creative Women's Network should be up next week, and I MIGHT have a review in the new issue of Faux (out on Wednesday), but I don't know... hope I do!