Sunday, 17 January 2010

Real, actual news!

So for quite a few weeks now I've rambled on about Guin and plans and things I might be able to do at some point in the great big never.

Well, Things Have Been Happening. Actual things! Am very excited and a little sleepy.

First things first, I should mention Kaleidoscope Alchemist has a comic for sale on that Amazon place by the name of Shadowraith, and there is happily an article on the BBC Lincolnshire website about it, written by meeee!

It's all very lovely and exciting being on the BBC website, but SOME UN-NAMED EMPLOYEE edited it a little bit in a really shoddy way... In particular the last sentence. Miss H proudly declares that she would never submit an article which repeated the word 'to'. They also moved a bit about the release date and put it so it didn't flow grammatically... but I'm nitpicking, and YAY! I'm on the BBC website! The article can be found here.

In further Shadowraith news, Nicholas was on BBC Lincolnshire radio on Friday promoting it and will be on Lincolnshire Look North this Monday. Hurrah!

Other meeee news is that I've had a book review put up on the Faux website, which is a sort of recommendation of Frozen Music by Marika Cobbold. It really is a very good book, and the review can be found here.

I've also been asked to write an article for the Creative Women's Network which will hopefully be done ASAP. I did a photo shoot with Kaleidoscope Alchemist to get some shots for both that and my website, which he did a very good job on and one can be found to the right of this and the other on my home page.

As per usual there's a new installment of Guin on the website, so feel free to bob over there and give it a read!

I bet next week won't be half as exciting as this one!

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