Sunday, 24 January 2010

More things

So, I've done some more stuff for things (cryptic, no?) but nothing uploaded or printed as yet and thusly no links. Woe.

For some reason this week there don't seem to have been enough hours in the day. Had a bit of a stressy week at work and although that's all fine now, had to stay up MEGA late last night to catch up on an article that needed doing and of course, the ever growing but never read Guin.

I'm starting to worry about Guin. Not so much that only 2 people are reading it, but that thus far its been a little.. boring? I don't know. It isn't botherng me too much though, Guin is more of an exercise to make sure I keep writing regularly than anything else. Vive la Guin!

Either way, part 4 will be uploaded later today.

Been thinking about the reviews section I'm wanting to do on the site, but I think it'll be a good while before anything happens with that. Lots to do to get it up and running but it's still on the to do list.

Since nothing I spent this last week doing has been published or finished yet, feel very under-achievey right now, but never mind, hopefully will have loads to write about this time next week instead! And rest assured I'm not as depressed as I sound! Tiring as it is, it feels good to have a lot on.

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