Sunday, 31 January 2010


Hmm. New Guin up and available via the writing page. Thought I'd shake things up a bit and put Guin up first, THEN do a blog. Aren't I crazy?

This has been something of a non-starter of a week. The stuff I gleefully and hopefully promised you would have occurred by this blog hasn't. Bit annoying, but hey ho. Maybe next time?

So nothing published this week, cementing still further that getting two articles published in a week was an ENORMOUS FLUKE. Possibly two more being published AT SOME POINT IN THE INDEFINITE FUTURE, but who knows?

I did a facebook advert in the vain hope that it'll get more people to read what I write, and to date I've had 18 clicks. Hello, 19, if you got this far!

I'm reading a book right now which is probably the best worst one I've ever read. Given that the premise is that the main character turns invisible when naked in moonlight (it's a gift, don't knock it), I feel like I know what to expect. Thus far I haven't been disappointed. Hurrah! I'll be doing a review on it at some point for the reviews page which will hopefully get put up some time this decade, but until then, thank you, Katie! Awesome xmas present!

Went for a rather long walk today and now my legs hurt when I do anything silly like climb stairs or look at stairs or think about stairs. Ow.

Still, it's February tomorrow, which is heavingly busy and means I have 3 days booked off work! Going to see that Chris Addison man in Nottingham, and also going to spend a weekend in London to eye it up as a moving-to possibility. 'Citin'.

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