Sunday, 31 January 2010


Hmm. New Guin up and available via the writing page. Thought I'd shake things up a bit and put Guin up first, THEN do a blog. Aren't I crazy?

This has been something of a non-starter of a week. The stuff I gleefully and hopefully promised you would have occurred by this blog hasn't. Bit annoying, but hey ho. Maybe next time?

So nothing published this week, cementing still further that getting two articles published in a week was an ENORMOUS FLUKE. Possibly two more being published AT SOME POINT IN THE INDEFINITE FUTURE, but who knows?

I did a facebook advert in the vain hope that it'll get more people to read what I write, and to date I've had 18 clicks. Hello, 19, if you got this far!

I'm reading a book right now which is probably the best worst one I've ever read. Given that the premise is that the main character turns invisible when naked in moonlight (it's a gift, don't knock it), I feel like I know what to expect. Thus far I haven't been disappointed. Hurrah! I'll be doing a review on it at some point for the reviews page which will hopefully get put up some time this decade, but until then, thank you, Katie! Awesome xmas present!

Went for a rather long walk today and now my legs hurt when I do anything silly like climb stairs or look at stairs or think about stairs. Ow.

Still, it's February tomorrow, which is heavingly busy and means I have 3 days booked off work! Going to see that Chris Addison man in Nottingham, and also going to spend a weekend in London to eye it up as a moving-to possibility. 'Citin'.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

More things

So, I've done some more stuff for things (cryptic, no?) but nothing uploaded or printed as yet and thusly no links. Woe.

For some reason this week there don't seem to have been enough hours in the day. Had a bit of a stressy week at work and although that's all fine now, had to stay up MEGA late last night to catch up on an article that needed doing and of course, the ever growing but never read Guin.

I'm starting to worry about Guin. Not so much that only 2 people are reading it, but that thus far its been a little.. boring? I don't know. It isn't botherng me too much though, Guin is more of an exercise to make sure I keep writing regularly than anything else. Vive la Guin!

Either way, part 4 will be uploaded later today.

Been thinking about the reviews section I'm wanting to do on the site, but I think it'll be a good while before anything happens with that. Lots to do to get it up and running but it's still on the to do list.

Since nothing I spent this last week doing has been published or finished yet, feel very under-achievey right now, but never mind, hopefully will have loads to write about this time next week instead! And rest assured I'm not as depressed as I sound! Tiring as it is, it feels good to have a lot on.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Real, actual news!

So for quite a few weeks now I've rambled on about Guin and plans and things I might be able to do at some point in the great big never.

Well, Things Have Been Happening. Actual things! Am very excited and a little sleepy.

First things first, I should mention Kaleidoscope Alchemist has a comic for sale on that Amazon place by the name of Shadowraith, and there is happily an article on the BBC Lincolnshire website about it, written by meeee!

It's all very lovely and exciting being on the BBC website, but SOME UN-NAMED EMPLOYEE edited it a little bit in a really shoddy way... In particular the last sentence. Miss H proudly declares that she would never submit an article which repeated the word 'to'. They also moved a bit about the release date and put it so it didn't flow grammatically... but I'm nitpicking, and YAY! I'm on the BBC website! The article can be found here.

In further Shadowraith news, Nicholas was on BBC Lincolnshire radio on Friday promoting it and will be on Lincolnshire Look North this Monday. Hurrah!

Other meeee news is that I've had a book review put up on the Faux website, which is a sort of recommendation of Frozen Music by Marika Cobbold. It really is a very good book, and the review can be found here.

I've also been asked to write an article for the Creative Women's Network which will hopefully be done ASAP. I did a photo shoot with Kaleidoscope Alchemist to get some shots for both that and my website, which he did a very good job on and one can be found to the right of this and the other on my home page.

As per usual there's a new installment of Guin on the website, so feel free to bob over there and give it a read!

I bet next week won't be half as exciting as this one!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Back to work

I went back to work this week. I don't like work, it's pants. Absolute pants. I don't like getting up stupidly early, I don't like sitting at a desk all day and I don't like feeling too tired to do anything in the evening. But I do like being able to afford to eat and pay rent and the like, so swings and roundabouts, really.

In a related matter, I didn't do enough writing work this week. I did a little - enough, I suppose, but not as much as I wanted to. Which was annoying. Still, on target for Guin, though, and that'll be popped up on the Guin blog in a matter of minutes. What else have I done?

Well, I joined a few blog directories, so hello! if you've come here through one of them.

Think that's pretty much it, to be perfectly honest. Other than that, sleeping and reading and watching tv. Not too happy about that, but it's my own fault.

Hopefully I'll be more productive next week.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Things are happening.

I think I might be biting off more than I can chew.

So here's a brief update of what's going on at the moment;

I started Guin, the first installment of which has been posted today, about twenty minutes ago on a new special Guin blog, to be found on the Writing page. New chapters will be posted up every Sunday, all going to plan. I'll be heading over to all the social networking sites to promote it a bit once I've written this.

In other news, I'm hopefully going to be doing a bit of book reviewing for Faux Magazine, looking at not so famous stuff which I've read and think is awesome. All going well, if they're any good then they'll be published in the online version on the Faux website.

In addition I have decided to review every book I read (which is not read for Faux) and that will be posted on a new Reviews blog which I will be linking up in the near future. This will be more (but not exclusively) women's fiction, and include the stuff I can't stand as well.

So lots on at the moment. All other writing for the moment postponed so I can get a good handle on Guin and the reviewing.

Happy New Year!