Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sushi, Anti-Woo, Shadows and New Hair.

Happy Christmas-ish!
Admittedly it's a bit late, but I hope it found you and yours well.
Here is some (not remotely) festive sushi for your delight:

We made it just before Xmas, and now I wish only to eat things coated with rice and seaweed!

Writing-wise, the plan had been (as the plan always is) to use the hols productively and, having finished the plan of the novel (previously titled Destined, for want of a better one) I started the first draft! Woo!

Then, 300 words in, it didn't feel right. Anti-Woo. I get this thing with openers where if the feel isn't right I can't get into the other 70,000. My opener, despite (or perhaps because of) being heavily planned, didn't feel right. I know I can go back and edit it, but it just wasn't working for me.

For a few days I sort of mooched around and considered my skeleton manuscript, and I realised didn't particularly like it. I think this is one of the virtues of planning - I realise now I don't like it, rather than 200 hours in! I love my starting concept for it, and really want to tell a story based around it, but the one I'd gone with had turned out a bit... flat. Dull. Lifeless. (like my previous hair, hehe - more on THAT later!)

I took a while and tried to remember what it was that had excited me when I started planning this, a good few months ago now. I wanted something atmospheric and slightly gothic, while sticking to the Regency era. I'd also like it to be quite funny. Jury's out on that one:p

I think that now, after a few days of re-jigging I'm almost ready to start again. Still a few notes and things to iron out, but I've added a few more dimensions to it, and (hopefully) beefed up my lacklustre hero and heroine and made them a bit more... kick-ass. It's re-ignited my enthusiasm for the story, and I can't wait to start it.

Changes made, new working title is something along the lines of His Wicked Shadow, or Shadow or something. While I've read that it's considered a massive faux pas to send manuscript submissions complete with covers, I don't see a problem with a bit of concept art for my blog! I'm itching to do a few pics of my heroine, and if they work (I'm a bit rusty) I'll pop them up here in the coming... time.

In other news, what with the new year being all about change and moving forward and whatnot, a fortnight ago I bit the bullet and finally got the chop. I've had a shortish bob for the past year or so, but have been hankering after an elfin crop for some time. Now it's done.... I love it. My fears of looking like a man were unjustified (I reckon!), as were my concerns it would make my head look too small. My head is just as big as ever XD

Happy New Year!

Friday, 17 December 2010

In Which I Stop Whining and Start Working.

OK, so that last post might have come across as a bit emo. Many thanks to the lovely people who wrote comments, by the way. I didn't mean it to be whiny or so *I AM CRAP* but I guess that's how it came across.

On the whole, I'm hopeful. I've learnt a lot and some of it, as has been pointed out to me, will be useless rubbish I can disregard. Other bits should be useful and help me along. The main thrust I was going for was that it's good to be more prepared, and I feel like maybe I am.

I think there's a fine line to tread between thinking you're the best thing since sliced bread (watch out world, I'm-a-coming) and being so hypercritical of your work that nothing you do will make it past the first sentence because you're never happy with the wording you've already edited twelve times.

I'm still working on the planning of the new(ish) story. Not sure what to call it. A novel? Manuscript? Collection of words?:p 'Book' seems like tempting fate.

I started off by following the Snowflake Method but have drifted off from that. The ideas are the same but my structure isn't so rigid. Having done the first 3 or 4 steps of the snowflake method and having met my characters and decided their quirks and back stories, I wrote down what I wanted to happen in the *collection of words* in some detail before dividing it up into chapters.

I've read a lot about cliff-hangers and page-turners, and so I've tried to chapter appropriately to maximize the *what-happens-next* factor. Following that, I've basically beefed it out a bit, deciding on locations, adding details, choosing points of view and so on. Most importantly, I've tried to make it make sense!

When it comes to starting my first draft, I (hopefully!) shouldn't come across anything too tricky or writers' block inducing. I'm finding it really helpful. Fundamental parts of the plot have changed and all I've had to do is erase or move a few sentences rather than re-writing a few thousand words (or not bothering and just putting up with it, as has happened before!)

Next on the to do list is adding more and more details and notes in. I like planning, I like knowing what's happening and where I'm going, and I like structure. While there should still be enough room for the plot to grow organically, this should be a massive help!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Disheartened and Disillusioned*, or Why My Writing Sucks.

Note, this post contains asterisks. Not necessarily because I think you'll need them, I just LOVE asterisks.

Because nothing grabs you like an Austen (or indeed, Black Adder!) style title. But Katherine, why so D&D*? Well, I've spent some many, many hours reading book blogs by editors, agents, writers, and interns and holy crap, it's depressing.

They say it pays to find out about the industry before you try to enter it, and I can see why. I am now D&D-ingly wondering how many agents laughed at the friendly postcards I naively sent out almost two years ago when I was just a young fool with dreams and a knowledge of how to approach art editors (lesson one, we learned, postcards) and thought 'Hey, I could do that for books! Nobody will have seen it before and I will immediately have a book deal!'

Needless to say, here I am, a receptionist. Many thanks to the kind and lovely agents who actually took the time to look at my website though before saying they weren't interested.

I tried NaNoWriMo but it led to un-editable tales of incest. I tried writing a serial but I ran out of ideas and ended up with some too-serious and badly planned dross that might be salvageable but I'm not sure I'll bother.

And don't get me started on my first full length manuscript, written sporadically between ages 18 and 20. This rambling draft switched between solemn acres of description and fluffy, light-hearted attempts at misplaced humour. The sort of thing that, if you could visit your younger self, you'd give them a slap for.

Regular readers (Hi, Ma!) will know I've recently started my fourth** attempt at something novel-length and readable and am trying it the meticulously planned and researched way, rather than the slap-dash and stupid way I have previously favoured. Part of this research is finding out as much as I can about the industry. I've realised it's not just the craft of writing a book that's important, it's approaching an agent or publisher, too.

If you've never researched any of this, and are as clueless as I once was (and really, still am), DO IT, DO IT NOW. I can't begin to tell you how much I've read that points out that what you see as going against convention is seen by others as unreadable and irritating. (hides manuscripts and postcards under the bed)

It seems to me that the publishing industry is much like every other. If you're professional and GOOD at your job, you'll do well. Thing is, you never know if you're any good until you try.

Disheartening though it is and has been, and ashamed as I am of my past work, not only do I know it's bad but I know not to do that again. As much as I cringe at my naivety, at least I'm further on now than I ever have been. Better equipped to write a book, even if it still isn't much good.

Having read a range of opinion from successful and lovely writers and agents, as well as from some not so lovely, jaded people, it seems there's no formula for doing well. This is the plan of action I've formed based on all I've read:

Once you've honed your manuscript to perfection, get someone unbiased to read it, then rewrite, rewrite and rewrite. Even though you've poured months/years of your life into this, you have to be disconnected and able to accept criticism.

Now it's honed to perfection again, start approaching specially selected agents using a killer query letter that's professional, grammatically correct and doesn't mention the phrases 'will change your career' or 'bigger than Harry Potter'.

Cross your fingers and wait. Hope you're as good as you were that time you dreamed you were on the local news telling Harry Gration about the film adaptation. If you're not, or they don't like it, consider re-editing, and try again. If you realise you're flogging a dead horse, move on, learn and try again.

Hmm, simple. So yeah, that's my plan. I may well waste years of my life pursuing this, but heck, it's worth a good go.

Good sites I've learned a lot from are Bubble Cow, Pimp My Novel and Jody Hedlund's blog. Of course, there's loads of info out there, but they seem a good place to start.

Katherine out.

** ok, make that eighth

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Advent Ups and Downs.

Yay, it's Advent! Which, since I'm on holiday this week means it's been tree time! It's mine and Mr Dishington's first Christmas in a house (well, shoebox-sized flat) on our own so we've got our first tree!
It's only a tiddler but it's full:) We managed to get a 4ft tree and outfit it for less than 20 quid so I'm really pleased with it. As well as baubles, it's hung with some tiny string ninjas we won last year from a 2p machine in Mablethorpe. In lieu of an angel, Mr D made us a gothic paper... thing? I'm hesitant to say angel, perhaps it's a demon? Either way, I'm really impressed!
Other news; sad stuff first. I've handed my notice in to Ape on the Moon. I'm still working there for the next week or so but unfortunately doing that on top of working full time and everything else was a bit too much. I've had a lovely time working there, and really enjoyed chatting to all the illustrators.

Good news, my short story, 'Pixie' has been published on Ether Books on the i-Platforms (Pad, Pod and Phone) and can be bought for 59p! I'm number 11 on the in-app best seller list, please help me make top ten! The app can be bought for free through i-tunes here:

There are loads of really good short stories on there, great for a quick read on a long journey when you've forgotten your book!

I've been doing some (lots of!) research on writing recently, and found an absolutely brilliant book I'd recommend to anyone. It's 'How Not to Write a Novel', and is basically written from the point of view that you don't want to be published ever, and if you follow these instructions, you never will. Very funny, highly recommended.

Any other good 'craft of writing' book recommendations? I'm after as much info as possible! I've found quite a few really good blogs as well, I'll hopefully link those another time. Suggestions gladly received:)

I'm putting a lot of effort into planning this new story I'm working on (working title, Destined, for want of a better one) and I feel I'm learning a lot about craft and plot and basically, good writing. Hopefully I can take it all in and use it to make my work better!

Until next time, over and out.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Organised Miss H.

It's been a busy couple of weeks really. I've been keeping up with my Ape-on-the-Moon-ing and let me tell you, I'm enormously glad I decided not to do NaNoWriMo this year! Instead I've been devoting my free time to in-depth research of, among other things, the Napoleonic Wars, Almacks and Debrett's Peerage.

I've written three full-length first drafts/completed manuscripts and they've always been seat-of-the-pants affairs which have taken variously two years, one month and five months to complete. Not to mention the three half-finished abandoned first drafts I've got 15K into and intend to revisit but have never got round to.

Since, three draft-uscripts down I am still unpublished (in novel-length fiction) I've decided to take a slower, more studied approach to this next one. I think I mentioned the snowflake method in my previous post, and I'm loosely using this idea to really get to grips with planning. I've started to get to know my characters (and filling out a 100 questions email for each one was enlightening to say the least!) and have boiled the entire plot down to one sentence. Following (and I must admit, adapting) the steps in the snowflake method, I've reached the stage where I think I'm ready to start writing a plan, which is exciting!

It was the extra hour last weekend, and given that deep down I'm still a lazy student, I was looking forward to sleeping through it. But new, organised, methodical Katherine gave lazy student Katherine a kick up the arse and instead I decided to stay up and do some work on the new novel. It was brilliant! Not the work necessarily, but I felt quite superhero-like working until 3 in the morning and still going to bed at two. Take that, time!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Updates: Contains Actual News

I remember the days when I used to blog every week, like clockwork, without fail. I even blogged from London from a tiny hotel without internet, just on the 3G on my phone. I even included a picture. Those were the halcyon days of blogging, where my dedication was un-floundering. Now, my dedication isn't precisely floundering, but it's more mixture of being busy and very forgetful. For the past week or two I've been thinking almost daily *I must blog about that* and so on, but by the time I've got to a computer I've completely forgotten what I was going to say. This doesn't bode well for getting older, but as usual, I digress.

So first things first, I got a sort of writing job. I work for scouting out and writing features and conducting interviews on the very best of contemporary illustration. Yay, I'm using my degree! Sort of! A bit.

So far so fun, and I've met some really nice people and been able to interview some illustrators whose work I've admired for years without it being called stalking. Double yay! It's all very part time freelance, but I can slot it in around my current full-time non-writing job, and feel very pro-active.

Second things second, still working on the old novel. Or rather, ignoring that colloquialism, new novel. I told my Mum the eureka-inducing sentence which sparked the whole idea and she was... underwhelmed. I think she put the whole thing down to the rather gothic 'phase I'm going through'. Mainly because that's what she said. I chose to ignore that:p Speaking of which, I got some lovely skull earrings from etsy!

Third thing (because if I'm to remember everything I need structure) is that I've had one of the short stories that was on my website accepted to be published by Ether Books. Also vaguely on, Ether Books is an i-pod/i-phone/i-whatever app you can download for free, and from which you can then purchase (generally for pence) short stories to read on the go. It's apparently aimed at commuters and busy people who want to read small things quickly on trains. I've signed a contract with them which covers Pixie (for it is she who is accepted) and any further shorts they accept from me for distribution via the app. As such three stories have disappeared off my short stories page (perhaps pre-emptively, but I'm too lazy to re-format my page more than once!) which all ties in well with the re-vamp and re-direction of my site. Considering Pixie has been assigned to the Horror category, its place isn't assured on a romance website...

So in summary, stuff's happened. I am a professional writer (sort of, ish, oh hush!) and have a short story on the road to e-publication. And really, check out, it's very good. Ignoring the three sentences I write on each of my posts, there are some really rather lovely pictures on there.

Katherine out.

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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Epiphanies and stuff.

Lacklustre laziness has been the mark of the past few weeks for me. I've been down and bored and lethargic and somewhat disheartened and disillusioned with everything in the world, ever. I wanted to write but didn't know what I wanted to write. Then something happened. The epiphany, the eureka moment. I was at work passing the time by reading articles about who-knows-what and something struck me.

I stumbled upon one sentence which I couldn't stop repeating over and over in my head. I gave it some thought and it has grown into a new story I want to write, which will be a regency romance. The first full-length novel I ever wrote was a regency romance and the novels I tend to read are regency romances. Why do I not write regency romances? That was the reason I got into writing, but some time along the way, I forgot.

As such, that's the plan. I shall be editing my website over the next few weeks to make it more regency-appropriate (but the logo and buttons will remain the same - I can't get enough of hand-drawn Times New Roman)

I like romance. I like nice things, and love, and balls (I love a good ball) and so yes. I am cheered and planning. I am trying a new approach to this novel. Trying not to rush through it, what's that phrase - seat-of-the-pants writing? I am learning to know my characters better by using a tip I heard once, I forget where, which is to fill out those 100 questions emails as your character. You know all sorts of back story you may or may not use and get a much more well-rounded character. Similarly I'm not going to just have a vague idea of what's going to happen, and see where it goes, I am going to scrupulously plan, and while the story will develop and change as I write it, it won't be so... shoddy. Hopefully. Let's just see how it goes!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

You know that thing they say about buses?

Sometimes, life's like that. Everything has been quiet writing-wise for ages, and all of a sudden everything happens!

This weekend I've been writing a piece for the Creative Women's Network. It's a fashion piece centering around gemstones which I'm also doing a couple of illustrations for, and should hopefully get done over the next few days. It's really handy as, if you recall from my previous blog posts, I've been after doing some more illustrations.

Which brings me neatly onto which is a site devoted to illustrators, and which contains helpful hints for creative freelancers. On Friday an ad appeared on Red Lemon Club's facebook page, as they were looking to hire a part time assistant to work freelance providing content for Ape On The Moon. I applied, and was hired! So on the whole, awesome!

A brief post today because I have a to-do list as long as my arm, but more updates soon!

Miss H x

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Nostalgia & Things

A few nights ago I couldn't sleep, and I found myself thinking nostalgically about my time at University. Over a year on, there I was lying awake missing photoshop to the extent that I considered getting up and playing on it even though it was after one in the morning and I had to be up in less than six hours.

Having left a long gap between doing all the work for my degree and looking back on it, I'm surprised to say I'm actually pleased with what I did. It's nice to feel proud of it, since I'm now a non-illustrating receptionist. The things I really got out of the course were a) some lovely friends and acquaintances and b) the skills I learned. If it wasn't for the course I'd never have been able to illustrate my website. The long and the short of it is, I fancy doing some illustrations again, so maybe I will!

In other news, I've been all over which is like Authonomy only good and not filled with idiots. You can upload short stories or samples of novels and get them reviewed and rated by other members of the community. The top ten every month get professionally reviewed, but it's fair because in order to get your stuff reviewed you have to review other peoples stuff. It works on a one to one reviewing basis. All lovely!

I've started a new project which is going OK, since I've already started it twice... All being well I should have finished it by the end of October, just in time for potentially doing NaNoWriMo:o Busy busy busy! Nice to be settled after the move, so now I feel like I can get back into writing again. Watch this space:)
And finally, congratulations to @sketchydoodle who won the twitter contest:) I will post it out next week, I promise! Thanks to all who entered:)
Until next time, adieu!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Tis the 29th August...

And as such you have three days to retweet to win a napkin. Woo!

I read Neverwhere this week (Neil Gaiman), and it's wonderful. I raced through it, it's a bit grim but it's clever and funny and everything you expect from Gaiman. Read it if you can! I'll lend you mine if you promise to look after it! I've got the DVD of the tv series as well so I'll hopefully be watching that this long weekend with the ever lovely Mr Dishington.

If shoes are your bag and you have small feet (uk 5 or below) I highly recommend you check out Tammy in BHS. Yes they're for age 16 or below, but they're so pretty! I got a pair of black suede shoe-boots with a high-ish heel and a ruffle down the front. They look like I've stolen them off a tiny gothic French duke, and were only twenty squids. If you've got small feet you can get really nice shoes for not too much money from the teenage section of stores like BHS and New Look which are cheaper than their adult counterparts:) yes, you get stick from your larger footed friends, but they're so nice! I once got some beautiful brocade style grey trainers for only three pounds that way!

Enough clothes talk! Does anyone have any romance genre mills and boon they can lend me? All mine are historical but I'm thinking of branching out:D hope y'all have a good weekend!

Miss H

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Saturday, 21 August 2010

It's Competition Time!

About eight years ago, when I was a much shorter, rounder Miss H, myself and two friends said that very phrase on a local news/magazine show. Embarassing as it was, it was as true then as it is now. Woohoo! It's competition time!

If anything, I'm less famous now than I was then, which is at the very crux of this most delightful of competitions. I am an author so unknown I am really a receptionist. But, I'm working on it, and with this in mind, ladies and gentlemen, I offer you this:

Indeed. I offer you the opportunity to win this completely and utterly unique napkin, featuring a hand written and signed copy of my short story, At The Cafe. Right at this moment, I value this napkin at 6 pence (GBP), which covers both the cost of napkin, and a generous estimate of the cost of the ink used. I offer you this on the off chance that some day, it may be worth more than 6 pence. I can't guarantee that, obviously, but you never know. I've had enough people (figuratively) ruffle my hair and say "ooh, maybe one day you'll be the next JK Rowling", but what if it happened? It probably won't, but it could...

One day, this napkin could put your children through university, it could buy you a house, it could replace your boiler. It almost definitely won't, but can you afford to take that chance?

If I become famous, you can sell this napkin for a large amount of money. If not, free napkin. Win win!

How to Enter:

Entry is free and simple, all you have to do is retweet the following message on twitter:

RT to enter competition for 1-off copy of short story by @misshwrites worth 6 pence!

And that's it!

The competition closes midnight on the 31st August, after which I shall try and persuade my mum to pick a name out of some sort of hat, and the winner will be contacted. Multiple retweets do not equal multiple entries, only one entry will be counted per registered twitterer. The story remains my intellectual property, etc etc, you just get a cool napkin.

A copy of the story is available via the writing tab at the top of the page, and maybe if I ever get a bit richer, I'll get copies of the napkin printed to send to publishers or agents but this particular napkin will remain one of a kind because I will never, ever write the whole story out by hand on a napkin again. Never. I completely and utterly refuse. It was a pain in the arse.

For a half-arsed pictorial diary of how the napkin was born, see below. And good luck!

1) My kitchen stank of coffee as many napkins tried out, but only one made the grade...

2) I wrote the whole piggin story out in tiny, tiny writing. Turns out, it's a lot longer than it looks. (It's now a double-sided napkin) bah.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Things and stuff

It's definitely been a while.

I always find it hard to believe anyone tunes in weekly to this blog, but just incase anyone's been repeatedly refreshing the screen for the past two and a half weeks, here's a little post to keep my oar in.

Lack of blogging (as you'll know if you're on my facebook) is because I have NO INTERNET at my new flat and 3G on the old mobile (where I'm posting this from as a last ditch, fingers crossed, stand near the window attempt) is pooooooor. Hope this will actually go up. I'm counting down the days for the next fortnight when, all being well, I should be back online and all this will be a dim and distant memory. I think I need an internet-producing drip, frankly.

Moving and new-jobbing went well (surprisingly well, thanks to the huge amount of help we had from my parents and the enormous usefullness of Mr Dishington; while I was at work he did almost everything, and I couldn't be more grateful.)

The good thing about my lack of internet is that you haven't been subject (unless a close friend or family) to my RANTING about the absolute uselessness of Tesco, who I still mostly hate with a passion, despite their having been redeemed by the enormous helpfulness of one employee. Count yourself lucky, it wasn't pretty. And no, you really don't want to know.

Since I last blogged, in writing news, which is more interesting than my vendettas against supermarkets, I've started it. I originally described this re-working of my NaNoWriMo (now simply titled Penguins) as a Steampunk romance, but I reclassify it now as a "gaslight romance", which seems more apt. And yes I did look those terms up on wikipedia, woah yes. Not that classification is important at this point, but it's always nice to know where you are.

I always worry about my romances, and my writing in general, that it's that sort of industry-polluting tripe with poorly designed covers that gives whatever genre it claims to represent a bad name. I saw one such "steampunk romance" on a blog, and perhaps that's part of my re-genre-ing. And use of the word re-genre-ing is, I'm sure you'll agree, just the sort of classic writing that sets my work apart. Indeed.

Only about 2000 words in but I'm feeling positive. There's a ball, a giant clock, a murder (of crows) and a pretend Yorkshireman. So there. Bet I hate the whole thing within a week.

And on that note, until next time I can find some internet, adieu!

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Sunday, 25 July 2010


I was so proud when I came up with *Pack-tastic* on Twitter that I thought I'd use it on here as well. Indeed.

But this week is Pack-tastic, or at least should have been, but I couldn't be bothered so this weekend is hecticly pack-tastic and you find me in my pyjamas still packing and taking a break between rooms. Moving on Wednesday, and while that still means I've got AGES, I'm at work Monday and Tuesday and visiting friends on Monday evening. Mr Dishington is available to pack those days but I don't want to leave it all to him.

In NaNoNews (or rather, They all look like Penguins) I.... haven't written much. I know it isn't what you're supposed to do but I've re-written the opening about seven times now. I don't know about you, though, but if my opener isn't right, I just can't progress onto the rest of the book. I rewrote the first few hundred words of Guin because it just didn't feel right. I know I can go back and change it at any point, but the first few paragraphs set the tone for the entire book and if I don't get it right I feel like the whole rest of the book won't be right as well.

So that's where we are. Or rather, I haven't written anything really, and am sitting in my pyjamas in a bomb-site of a room sneezing every few seconds. That, more precisely, is where I am. Really excited about changing jobs, and starting the new one on Thursday. So much to do! Should probably get on with it.

On another note, here is one of my favourite songs of ever, VERY VERY LOUD:

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Drought and Depression

Not as good as Sense and Sensibility, I grant you, but life ain't a novel and never will be. Drought refers to the lack of writing over the recent weeks and depression refers to intended house moving (hopefully within the next two weeks. fingers hugely crossed.)

The road to Leeds isn't a smooth one and has been strewn with mishap and complication. It's no-one's fault, really, just a mixture of inexperience and the irritating fact that you have to prove you are yourself and live where you say you do via extensive (and often expensive) ID checks (despite never having left the country, not being in debt and having been with the same bank for over ten years) but now I'm rambling and being bitter, so best stop. Everything will hopefully be sorted within a few days though, here's to better news next week!

In less glum news, on to my writing drought. Having done all I can physically do in preparation for possible flat acquisition, I'm turning back to the NaNoWriMo I left off all those months ago and, all being well, draft two should begin this very night. I miss writing so much, it makes me feel like I'm not completely worthless and not, drone-like, going through the motions of life, waiting for an inevitable and ever-approaching death.

See, depression!

Monday, 12 July 2010


The more stalkerish of you may have noticed that I am blogging a day late. The remaining 100% of you won't have, but I shall tell you why anyway.

There are two reasons why I delayed my usual blogging (only previously delayed because I've been without internet) and these are as follows:

1) It was my birthday (I am successfully older than I was before) and
2) I had absolutely nothing to say.

As it happens, I still don't have a lot (if anything) to say, but here we are, as is the blogging tradition, to talk about nothing. In lieu of a blog about nothing or what I had for breakfast or similar mundanery, here is a video my friend sent me over Facebook as a happy birthday. I think it's brilliant.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

All sorts of things.

I got me a job! Which certainly pushes things on in the whole moving to Leeds direction. Flat hunting is now the priority as I start work (as a receptionist at a chartered accountants, no less) before the end of the month. Everything feels really frantic but at the moment I can't do anything other than wait because it's a fortnight until we can get back to Leeds to look at places:o

Other news, it's my birthday next week, and while I quiver in fear of my swiftly anticipating years(!), I was asked for ID yesterday when I wasn't even buying alcohol (I ordered a Mocktail), and as such feel considerably better.

I cancelled my account with Authonomy on Thursday. Got into an argument with someone's wife who was hassling me to back her husband because he couldn't hassle me because he'd dislocated his shoulder.

My point exactly.

In the spirit of moving on, I'm going to start hassling agents to back me on Guin (irony intended). I say "I'm going to start", by which I mean, at some point, when I'm moved and am not cross, I'll think about sending things out, eventually spend an evening doing it and then I'll feel depressed. Hurrah.

Despite my general lethargy and annoyance at everything in the world, ever, things feel OK. I'll be in a new year with a new job in a new place. Feels like progress. And who knows, I may even get round to re-writing the NaNoWriMo within the next two months...

Sunday, 27 June 2010


A few years ago now, I think when I was twenty, Harper Collins launched an site for new and unpublished authors to post up their novels for review by the other writers in the community and, if they were popular, by Harper Collins editors. I joined the site in its infancy with what I'm calling "my crap first attempt", and it was received by the community just as it deserved. However, I enjoyed my time there (until I became too embarrassed of my terrible work and removed it), since I got lots of hints, tips, critiques and advice on where I was going wrong.

With this in mind, once all of Guin was up on the blogsite, I decided to bite the bullet again, and put it somewhere people might actually want to read it. Authonomy is touted as a community of book lovers, and so I opened a new account and set forth.

Authonomy is bigger now than it used to be. When I joined this time round I was ranked number 15,000 and something, while my book was ranked at about 8000. I couldn't believe it when I got my first comment within half an hour, and before I'd been on the site five hours I had as many comments, all of them good, and all of them supportive.

Before I'd been on the site 24 hours, I hated it. I realised all the comments I'd received referred to information which could have been gleaned from reading my 200 word pitch, and I got a stupid amount of personal messages (some from the same users several times), offering me swaps; occasionally, "I'll read yours if you read mine" and more often than not, "I've backed yours, will you back mine?" followed by "Have you backed mine yet? I backed yours ages ago." and various other pleas for support.

You see, the most popular 5 books on Authonomy after a certain period go on to be read by editors. This is a nice idea, except the premise has led to the dumbing down of an academic endeavor and turned it into a popularity contest. In my humble opinion, the top 5 will have been read by only a tiny percentage of those who have backed them. Every book is littered with generic and non-specific comments like "you have such a nice writing style" and "a good read, WILL YOU READ MINE???"

Rather than being an avante garde site with limitless potential, Authonomy has dwindled into a game, with the most forceful and those with the most time on their hands *supposedly* having the best work.

After 48 hours of membership, I decided against Authonomy. I considered playing the game but really, where's the merit in it? Perhaps I'm being too proud, but I refuse to use something which I worked so hard on and am proud of as a pawn in a game. I could copy and paste *white fluffy cat* into a manuscript 10,000 times, write a vague pitch and I'd probably get just as many *your story is so well told* comments as I have now.

I want to think at least one or two of the comments I received were genuine, and where they seemed to be, I reciprocated by reading their book before judging and backing it. Perhaps there are sites out there which have achieved the ideal which Authonomy set out towards. I hope there are, and I won't waste any more of my time on this one.

Sunday, 20 June 2010



Happy Father's Day, by the bye. May your sideboards be packed with jelly beans and chocolate items!

The main thrust of the blog today is basically going to be me going *Look, Guin's up, it's the last one, look what I did, I did a Guin!!!*

So yeah, the last Guin's up, bringing it up to a round 25 chapters and just shy of 50,000 words. Since it's a few weeks since I wrote it, was nice to re-read it afresh when I put it up today. I kinda miss doing it, and I'm looking forward to starting on the second draft at some time in the future. Either way, if you have read the whole thing, thank you for sticking with it! You can read the new chapter and the whole rest of it here:

Guin aside, it's been a pretty barren couple of weeks on the writing front. I can either proof-read old stuff (which needs doing, really, and is fairly painless) or re-read the NaNoWriMo and start draft two of that, which is a MAMMOTH job since I'm basically changing most of it completely. All that's been shoved to one side for the moment since I'm job searching for the big move in a couple of months. I miss the writing and not doing it is depressing me, but jobs need to be found!

Finally, if you haven't looked at it already, check out the photocomic Mr Dishington did with some collaboration from me. It's very, very pretty. And I will put it on the links page at some point, I promise.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Busy busy

It's been busy.

Bit of work, (not much though) and lots and lots of cleaning and helping moving! The house has been a bit chaotic for the past week or two but after a mammoth and knackering cleaning sesh this weekend it's all sparkly and shiny and lemony fresh. Nice to have the chaos gone but missing my housemates already!

All this moving malarky has made me excited about our big move in just over two months. Worried about the whole job thing, been applying and applying and applying and (holy crap was that thunder? a storm's a brewing) applying for every admin job I can find, the sooner I get one the sooner we can get going! And the less I worry about being homeless and poor come September. If anyone wants to give me a huge publishing contract and a massive advance, if only to ease my worries, that'd be just grand!

Just watching come dine with me, and someone just used the word "plumptious". Wonderful! And she really is plumptious, and it's lovely.

(There's a power cut. Storm doesn't like me)

In actual writing news, the penultimate Guin is up and online. I'm quite pleased with it, as far as it goes. Wrote it quite a while ago so it's like reading it afresh when I proof read it before I post it online.

(Lights back on, short and sweet)

Also, here's a photocomic by Mr Dishington that I wrote and he made good. It's about being separated from society and how that can effect you over time. And it looks SOOOO purdy! Please see below, it's free and online:)

Just seen an Oasis ad on tv for some compilation album. Hearing Oasis always makes me miss my Dad! Growing up is scary, kids.

Until next week!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

A Good Old Rant

I haven't had a good old rant in ages, especially not about something unimportant and silly, so here goes! :D

I went to Holland and Barrett yesterday for my necessary RDA of veggie scotch eggs and while I was browsing at the cereal bars I saw Liz Hurley's new range.

I was intrigued, and despite being 75 pence a pop, I thought I'd give the more chocolaty ones a go. At only 100 calories a bar, it'd be rude not to, surely? And thus begins the rant. They don't really taste of much and anything is 100 calories if it's TINY. Despite the aspirational packaging (eat these and you'll look like Liz Hurley and have pink wellies) and the rather sweet water colours, new farmer Elizabeth (not Liz) Hurley has basically packaged a bit of cardboard. I'd rather eat chocolate and be fat, Liz. And I doubt she does the farming in a black mini dress. But I digress.

Rant over with! In other (less pointless) news, I finally got my sweaty little paws on the new Julia Quinn, Ten Things I Love About You. Regular readers will know I love Julia Quinn more than is healthy, and have been waiting for the release of this one for almost a year. Amazon took SO LONG to deliver it, despite my pre-ordering (it still hasn't arrived) that I just went and bought it from Waterstones yesterday. I read it yesterday afternoon and...

It's alright.

To be honest, it seems like it was done in a bit of a rush. The characters aren't particularly solid, and their key traits pop up as and when necessary rather than being there throughout the book. There are still plenty of funny, quirky bits that Quinn fans will love and it's by no means a bad book. The main problem I had was with the story line. It's based on an interesting premise but feels a bit weak to sustain a whole book. I don't know, it's still better than most regency romances and it's still good, just not her best. I'd recommend starting on one of her others first, before reading this one. I already eagerly await the next one!

My work-wise (like I'm one to criticise Quinn, at least she's published (probably because she's a nice person rather than a bitter husk of human being)), I'm currently working on a very small (week long? less?) project involving revisiting and editing some old work. It's to send off, and since it'll probably not go anywhere and I'll be disappointed and/or embarrassed, I'm not going to tell you what it is or where it's going. So there. If it works, you'll hear about it, and if it doesn't, just assume I'm a massive weeping failure.

Guin's up again, barely any time to go before THE END. If you are one of the three people who has read it through, a) thank you, b) well done and c) hope you enjoy it.

And it's far too hot in this country.


Sunday, 30 May 2010

Is It Sunday Already?

It doesn't feel like a Sunday, what with this whole bank holiday thing we've got going on. Not that I'm complaining, so many bank hols, I could get used to this... But it's been a long week, so I need a long weekend to recover! I say a long week, but really, it was just a long Wednesday. First of all Guin ended up getting finished:S It's 25 (sort of) chapters which brings it in at just under 50,000 words which ain't too bad for a first draft I don't reckon. I changed the ending just before I wrote it so it's gone from a sort of Hollywood ending to one which feels more appropriate, in my opinion. I don't know though, I might change it in the second draft. Either way, it'll all be going up over the next few weeks. Felt very sad when it was done.

I'm trying to bring myself to re-read the whole thing before the last few chapters are put up, just to check there are no major continuity errors (I found one in my NaNo which made a scandal into scandalous incest!) but I just don't seem to be able to bring myself to do it. Once I do that I'll have to accept that a) it's over for now and b) I'm going to have to get on with the mammoth task of second drafting the NaNo. Scary.

But when I finished writing Guin at around midnight, the day wasn't over! I'd been debating whether or not to stay up and watch Julia Quinn's book reading and Q&A session which was going out from Oregan as a live webcast, and eventually decided I ought not to miss it. I adore her books and got really excited about it! Had a bit of a mix up with the times though because I thought it was on at midnight (which would be 7pm in New York) but when I tuned in it wasn't on! Google then sorted me out and it was on at 3am in the morning! Coming from the UK I have absolutely no conception of seperate time zones! By that time I was so excited and I'd already submitted my questions so I had to set my alarm and get up to watch it!

So glad I did! I wouldn't have missed it for anything! I'd submitted a question earlier in the evening and it was picked as one of a few email questions to be answered XD Not only that but when she read my name (not Miss H, alas!) she said it was very regency sounding! I got stupidly excited and immediately text Mr Dishington who happened to be at work and very much awake. When the thing finished at 4 am I couldn't sleep because I was still so excited! Needless to say, I was very very tired at work the next day!

My hyperactivity and ensuing exhaustion aside, the webcast was a brilliant idea, I think. Not only was someone I greatly admire humanised, which made my dream feel a little less far-fetched, but we learned all about her creative process and I picked up a few tips to boot! It's lovely to see someone so enthusiastic about what they do, and I can't wait for my copy of her new book, Ten Things I Love About You to arrive!

So little time so much to tell! Other than that my housemates and I had a photo shoot which was sort of commemorative of our time in the house (we're all moving out and/or to various parts of the country over the next few months) and it was super duper fun! Definitely going to be putting a few of those up once we've moved.

And now I'm going to listen to Amanda Palmer and try and force myself to re-read Guin. I leave you with this...

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hot enough for ya?

I write this on an almost dead iPhone on a boiling hot train somewhere between Sheffield and Lincoln. Myself and Mr Dishington went on a jaunt to Manchester for the weekend, which has unfortunately ended up being mid heatwave. Why the hell is there a heatwave in May? Nonetheless, Manc was fun, met some nice people, looked around the art gallery and a few shops, went out on Saturday night and had a BBQ this morning. "Due to equipment failure" the train from Sheffield where we changed was cancelled so we've had an unplanned detour which was quite nice. Knackered though!

In other news, Guin is slowly progressing. I'll post the new ep up this evening. Should end up being 25 to 30 chapters which is alright. On the whole, while I don't hate how it's ended up, it isn't as fairy tale as I wanted. Guin sees the world differently to everyone else; he lives by the code of magic and fairy tales which is one of the factors in why he ends up so screwed up. How it is currently there's not enough fairytale stuff in there so hopefully I can work more of that in once I start on the second draft. On the whole it's been a learning curve and I think enforced writing targets is defintely the way to get things done!

As to whether it's worked, I'll let you be the judge. It's quite embarassing to have a flawed first draft put out there (to about five people, admittedly!) but I think it'd be more embarassing to have given up a few weeks in. So on that note, pride still intact, happy heatwave!

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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Albert, The Kid Is Ghosting


I'm currently at home for the weekend, and having caught up with parents and friends, today I'm heading back to Lincoln for the boring grind of data input again. This is made a bit more bearable by the knowledge that I'll be leaving in about three months, which is when myself and Mr D make the move to pastures new, God only knows where. I've started applying for jobs this week, do you have any?

On the way home this weekend I went through Doncaster Station and on the way in to it there is the weirdest piece of graffiti ever. "Albert, the kid is ghosting" is scrawled in big, black, spray-painted letters under a bridge. I googled it and loads of people have seen it but nobody knows what it means. It's inspired T-shirts and possibly even a band name. I rather like it.

Other news, Guin is, as always, up. Discovered the link to my site on my facebook page is wrong, and has been wrong since I set it up. GIANT OOPS. Am a huge idiot, do I not know the difference between .com and!? It was pointed out to me by someone on the page and I've changed it now, but feel rather silly...

As far as writing ahead for Guin goes, I'm about to begin the home stretch. It should end up being between 25 and 30 chapters, or between 50 and 60 thousand words, which isn't really bad for a first draft. With that under my belt I'm going to start on draft two of the NaNoWriMo and start applying to agents again. Fingers crossed with that.

Have a good week!

Miss H.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Strawberry Cider

Hello there.
Good weekend?
Isn't it rubbish that it's not a bank holiday this week? Got used to the extra day off stupidly quickly.

Have used the time, I suppose, to get ahead with Guin. Am now two (well, one and a bit) chapters ahead and might poooooossibly have finished writing the whole thing, first draft that it is, by the end of the month. Yay! There should be another 10 or so chapters which would take it up to about 30 in total. And it'll be bloody depressing. Then, on with 'But Maybe That's Just Me', which I'd like to get restarted before we leave Lincoln because it's really a book about my time here, silly as it may be.

In other news, I had strawberry cider today, hence the title, and instead of swigging it from the bottle in my usual loutish way, I had it in a glass in a rather nice pub in Lincoln. Felt a little bit like a proper person!

Nearer and nearer draws the time of moving which is exciting and bed-wettingly nerve-wracking. Going to start looking for jobs soon, kinda just wish I could quit my job now and get on with my writing in the hope of getting somewhere with that and never having to work a proper job again! *ahem* Dream on.

Work again tomorrow, so I'm going to go and be depressed about that now.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

I'm a model, me.

No, I'm not. Either way, the wonderful Mr Dishington ( spent some time with me in a wood and we came away with some photos of me I actually liked and where my nose wasn't filling 90% of the picture. No slight on his photography skills, I assure you, more that my nose has a tendency to grow on camera until I look like a nose with a person on, rather than the other way round.

Photos done, they're now strategically positioned around the internet, not least of all on this blog!
I tried to get them on this actual post but it would only do it STUPID and I can't be bothered to do it properly. If you particularly long to see more snaps of me in a wood (there are two where I'm in a tree!) then here's a link to the album on facebook...

Indeed. They're also on, on my profile, having been speedily updated by the very nice Jane who runs the thing. If you click on the articles page, you'll see my mug staring at you. Lovely!
In other news, the time draws nearer for moving, which is scary and exciting and weird. Also, I've been writing more Guin. Will put one up this evening and I've already written next weeks, exciting:) hopefully get one more written this bank hols and then as many as possible as soon as! The plan is to have it finished by the time we move at the latest, and HOPEFULLY before that, my preliminary deadline is July...
Other than that, happy bank hols!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

'But maybe that's just me' and other tales

Hello there.
Good weekend?

So, much afoot this week! Nothing new published etc but I have been the busiest of bunnies. If you recall, I've been looking into starting draft 2 of the NaNoWriMo. It's going ok, actually. I've re-read the thing, and from being absolute twaddle at the beginning, I find I quite like how it ends up. It's going to change quite drastically in construction but I'm really looking forward to starting it.

I stripped my notice board of all the sentimental stuff I've collected over the past year or so and covered it with plain paper to make a sort of white board, which is proving really useful (my actual whiteboard is a) too small and b) full of Guinery). It's also something of a mood board and I've got a few images and bits hung up there for inspiration etc.

As it is though, I don't feel like I can devote the time to it that it deserves while I'm still doing Guin every week. Similarly, I don't want Guin to suffer, so I've (hopefully) come up with a (decent) way out of this quandry. Having reassessed and begun to plan my new draft for NaNo I'm guna leave it for a bit longer (while still thinking about it etc) and concentrate over the next few weeks on getting Guin done. Once I've finished it - although it is still officially draft one, I can devote myself entirely, completely and utterly to NaNo. I may even marry it, we'll just have to see! My official NaNo working title is now "But maybe that's just me", which feels a bit more contemporary and, dare I say, chick lit? Is it silly?

All of this, of course, means my other output (articles, reviews etc) will go significantly down for a few weeks, although I hope I'll still get to do a few!

In other news, after weeks of planning and not doing it for some reason or other, finally went to do a new shoot with Mr Dishington today! Should get my new, summery photos soon, and brighten up the site!

Apologies for all the brackets this week!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sooooo many links/ Gloomy Sunday

You know that thing about buses? Well lots of things have been *published* this week:

A review of a book inspired by Joanna Newsom in the paper edition and online version of Faux magazine,
A run down on the newly passed Digital Economy Bill in Faux Magazine online
A book review on Newsblaze,
and three (yes, three!) things on CWN, which are two interviews and a fashion article.
Phew. Links on the Published Work page :)

All of which makes me feel very prolific but I know the next few weeks (nay, months) will be very quiet on the output front. I've decided that my current book-on-the-go will be my NaNoWriMo which means I should actually get round to editing it! Am slightly startled by the fact that if I want a free proof copy I need to basically re-write the whole entire pigging thing by July. Oh dear. Do-able, yes, but on top of Guin?

I double titled this blog because, quite frankly, Sunday is gloomy (and I really like the song). Sunday is the most depressing days of the week. Monday is on the horizon, and the next weekend is almost an entire week away. I hate Sundays.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sunday, 11 April 2010


I've not been buying a lot of clothes the past few months since all my money's gone on travel and hotels for when we went to Leeds and London. This is my first month with no big money commitments like that so I hit the shops on Tuesday and it was brilliant!

I'm loving the cute florals there are at the moment, which I think look lovely with long cardigans and waist belts. I basically bought the display in Primark because I thought it looked so good! I also gave in to the whole nautical thing, in a small way at least by going for navy. So I'm all ready for summer now, and loving it!

But all other purchases fade into insignificance next to MY NEW BOOTS. If you saw that Jonathan Creek the other week, you MUST have seen Sheridan Smith's boots. They were workman style high top leather boots with a loose-laced front. I saw some in International and was lost... and have basically been wearing them constantly ever since. Can I get away with them for work do you think? I love them with skinny jeans and even MORE with tights and my new little floral dress.

So that's my little clothesy rant out of the way!

It's a bit depressing that it's a Sunday now, because all the fun of holidays and bank holidays is over for the foreseeable future and we're back to the standard 40 hours a week at work and trying to cram everything into a piddlingly small weekend. Never mind, eh? Am getting excited about moving now, less than five months to go!

Writing wise, I'm in the new Faux magazine which should be out imminently, and there are plans for a bit more in the works. Guin's up, as well. I've had my ups and downs with him, but now the story's got more established and I know the characters better, I'm looking forward to finding out what happens to him next. Poor Guin, though:(

Am currently reading The Children's Book by A.S. Byatt, and it's absolutely wonderful. So in-depth, well researched and beautifully written. I wish I could write like that.

And on that note, better get back to work!

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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Busy, busy, busy.

So much on the burner at the moment, and more to do, which I would be doing right now if I hadn't stumbled upon a new episode of Jonathan Creek which I'm watching at the moment. I piggin love Jonathan Creek, just started watching them from the beginning. Kind of wish I wasnt watching this on my own though - scary! Although it is making me wish I had a duffel coat...

Any way, moving on (girl in enormous jar just fell down stairs in J.C. - jar clearly papier mache) I've done my interviews, hopefully they'll be going up on CWN in the near future, as well as a fashion article I've done.

I'm loving this holiday. Worked the Friday and have Tuesday off in lieu, which is absolutely brilliant as far as I'm concerned. Hooray for shopping on Tuesday when it'll be a lot quieter!

Guin's up, as always. Rather a sad one, I'm afarid. Poor Guin.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010


If I ever get a book published, I might have to get someone else to come up with titles.

Anyway, a somewhat belated bloggery this week, I was AWOL and internetless all weekend and unfortunately completely forgot to blog once I'd got back. Got Guin up on Monday though, so go there for your weekly dose of hurriedly written, slight weirdery.

Two interviews are done which is super, hopefully they should be online soon, had a lovely time interviewing the two ladies, was really interesting and inspiring. Am on the lookout for more successful creative women to interview, this time based in the UK, any suggestions?

I'm feeling a bit bad that other than Guin, I've not written any fiction for ages:s and by the looks there won't be any new shorts for a while either, got SOOOOOOO much on. Can't wait for the bank holiday to catch up!

Happy Easter!!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

More stuff.

I'm going to have to start thinking of proper titles, I really am.

Nonetheless, more stuff has indeed been happening. I've settled on what to do with my Creative Women's Network article page, and that's going to be a selection of interviews I'm doing with successful women who've got their own businesses. I've already interviewed (and spent lots of money with!) Bellalili, who makes gorgeous gothic/steampunk jewellery. Hopefully that should be up on the site within the next few weeks:)

I'm all Guin-ed up, got quite excited and wrote two weeks worth this week (yay no more writer's block!) which is handy since I'm in Leeds next weekend which will make posting and writing tricky.

Really looking forward to going home and then to Leeds, always lovely to be back in Yorkshire! Getting quite excited about deciding where to move when the tenancy runs out here in Lincoln:)

Erm other than that, work-wise, I'm going to be re-jigging the site a bit this evening (hopefully!) and moving a lot of the links to stuff I've had published onto my writing page. Makes a bit more sense I reckon to have it on the writing page rather than links, although some links will remain!

Am nearer to having a reviews page up as well but that's still not one for the imminent future I'm afraid. From feeling very swamped the past few weeks, I'm feeling a lot better now I've caught up quite a bit. I even bought an A3(ish) white board from tesco (£2.50, bargain) for my mammoth to do list and already feel more organised!

Went for two lovely walk/picnics with Mr Dishington this weekend, loving the nice weather we're having!

To end with a bit of a rant, I started being officially vegetarian for new year which is going well (a few slip ups with sweets - does everything have gelatine in?!) except if I go out to eat anywhere all I can eat is THE SAME THING. I've cut out fish as well which means I can either eat egg mayo sandwiches or cheese and onion ones in most shops (thank heavens I'm still eating dairy!), which is really annoying if I pop to town on my lunch break. Not to mention unhealthy. I know, I should be making my own exciting veggie sandwiches, cheaper, better for you etc, but it would be nice to have more of an option when I'm being lazy!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Writer's block

Is that where the apostrophe is supposed to go? Wikipedia says yes. Anyhoo, I've sort of got it, which is annoying.

Guin was a struggle. I knew how Chapter 11 was supposed to start and end but that was it. The 1500 words in the middle were a mystery to me. I finished it about twenty minutes ago and it didn't even end in the right place but it's turned out alright I think. I hope, anyway.

After weeks of complaining to myself that nothing was happening writery-wise, things actually are, which is nice. Got an article on the News Blaze website but it's only one and it seems a bit stupid to start promoting it when all I've got is one review. It is a very good book though... I'll get the link to my profile (with a list of my articles on it) on my Links page once I've got a few more. Let's say three. Only two to go!

Possibly most exciting of all is that I've been given my own articles page on the Creative Women's Network. I have an introductory article up there already, and space for more. I'm just not decided on what I'm going to write about yet. Hmm. The very nice lady who runs the site, Jane, has been nice enough to offer me part of a seasonal piece as well:)

Also on my to-do list apart from the articles is; re-jigging my NaNoWriMo, reading a shelf-load more books and reviewing them for various places, re-writing my original Teh Big Storeh, planning a new full length Regency romance (this is on the bottom of the pile, perhaps for next year's NaNo?) and a couple more short stories I've got ideas for. Oh, and planning another photoshoot with the lovely Mr Dishington - I've certainly made the most of the shots he did for me before!

Is it bad that I'm resenting my time at my actual job because I wish I was writing? Probably not, in the long run. Either way, bills still need paying so I'll definitely be sticking it out for the forseeable.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Stuff. Again.

I can't remember if I've done a blog called 'Stuff' before, but it sounds like precisely the sort of thing I would do.

Well, I've done Guin, to be found as usual on the writing page, but other than that, a few extra things have occurred this week which are worthy of note.

I am on the Creative Women's Network website now, on the articles page, which is a boon, and I'll be doing a few articles for them soon:) Currently no link on my page but that should arrive shortly.

In a similar vein I've signed up to do reviews for News Blaze which I will hopefully get onto asap!

Am looking forward to a quiet week next week where I can catch up on doing EVERYTHING. Including sleep, yawn!

Finally, went to see The Princess and the Frog today. Was AWESOME. Even though me and my friend were the oldest people there without kids. Slightly embarrassing, but nonetheless, brillo pads.

Sunday, 28 February 2010


So I'm in London. Myself and Mr Dishington came on Friday and are leaving on Monday after what will have been a long and strange weekend of London-ness. First things first, I wish I was rich. We discovered why cheap hotels are cheap and found flats which cost more money to rent a month than we earn in a year. Depressing.

Hammersmith is a nice place though, I like that the Apollo is so close and we're even going to a comedy gig at the Lyric tonight with Richard Herring. Well, not with him as such but... Also, big fan of the tube. Have been on it so much in the past few days, I quite fancy a tea towel with it on. It's so efficient and quick, although everyone on it clearly hates eachother if not themselves as well.

London as a whole (although I think including places like Stratford in London is pushing it a bit) has to be one of the least friendly places I've ever been. Granted, people are busy but nobody says please or thank you, and everyone tends to look startled if you do. I don't like that. If we ever asked anyone for help or directions or anything, they treated us a bit like crap. Even shop assistants were unfriendly. Is everyone in the Greater London area just really unhappy? I never really thought about it but people in Lincoln and Wakefield and Leeds are a lot... Nicer? Maybe happier? I don't know.

Enough London bashing though, the actual city is beautiful. We went through what I'm assuming is the business district on Saturday and weirdly everything was completely deserted. Absolutely stunning, I love the buildings and how The Monument is randomly hidden around a corner. We also went to Westminster and saw the houses of parliament which was brilliant as well. And found a vegetarian restaurant which appeared to serve hedgehog. So swings and roundabouts, but central London is lovely (and Harrods food court is amazing!) and weirdly, I have never felt more northern in my life.

Here is a rubbish picture of Big Ben, a statue, a tree and a building:)

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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Just a quick one

Since I'm almost on my way out to go to a Chris Addison comedy gig in Nottingham. 'Citin!

Guin's up, via the writing page. had a bit of trouble this week, so much happening and the fact is I've only just finished it! A bit worried about next weeks since I've got so much on and only three evenings in which to do it, but it should, fingers crossed, all get done in time.

London next weekend for a trip, all being well. Looking forward to that, not least since it means some days off work.

And that's pretty much it!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's

But this isn't a Valentine's post, although I have had a very nice day with Mr Dishington!

Hold on to your seats, something has.. happened.. I actually have some news to report on the writerly front. A review I wrote on Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination by Helen Fielding has been published (as in on paper, physical copy) published in the first edition of Faux Magazine which can be found either online here or selected coffee shops and boutiques around Lincoln. A copy of my page is can be found here or via the Links page.

So that's all very exciting. Had a very relaxing weekend which is nice considering how hectic everything's going to be for the rest of the month! Looking forward to going to Nottingham next weekend to see Mr Chris Addison and then going to that London place the weekend after. 'Citin'!

As usual, Guin is up, less twisted this chapter I think - I'm starting to feel sorry for the poor boy.


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

It's only Wednesday but...

"It's been a week of odds n sods, but last night I managed to actually get a chapter ahead with Guin, which means I'll have next week to catch up on all sorts of other things like reviews and re-reading nanowrimo etc, if all goes to plan."

Nothing has gone to plan. But I'm in Faux magazine, which is something. More on that at the weekend.

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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Catching up.

It's been a week of odds n sods, but last night I managed to actually get a chapter ahead with Guin, which means I'll have next week to catch up on all sorts of other things like reviews and re-reading nanowrimo etc, if all goes to plan.

New Guin posted up now. Bit weird. I sat down not having a clue what I was going to write, only knowing the vaguest of plans as to where the story needed to end up: I needed a back story for the man in the bed, and I needed Guin to decide what to do. Am a little disturbed at how it ended up. But then, it's probably more graphic in my head than on the page, and I'm an enormous wuss.

In other news, my article on the Creative Women's Network should be up next week, and I MIGHT have a review in the new issue of Faux (out on Wednesday), but I don't know... hope I do!

Sunday, 31 January 2010


Hmm. New Guin up and available via the writing page. Thought I'd shake things up a bit and put Guin up first, THEN do a blog. Aren't I crazy?

This has been something of a non-starter of a week. The stuff I gleefully and hopefully promised you would have occurred by this blog hasn't. Bit annoying, but hey ho. Maybe next time?

So nothing published this week, cementing still further that getting two articles published in a week was an ENORMOUS FLUKE. Possibly two more being published AT SOME POINT IN THE INDEFINITE FUTURE, but who knows?

I did a facebook advert in the vain hope that it'll get more people to read what I write, and to date I've had 18 clicks. Hello, 19, if you got this far!

I'm reading a book right now which is probably the best worst one I've ever read. Given that the premise is that the main character turns invisible when naked in moonlight (it's a gift, don't knock it), I feel like I know what to expect. Thus far I haven't been disappointed. Hurrah! I'll be doing a review on it at some point for the reviews page which will hopefully get put up some time this decade, but until then, thank you, Katie! Awesome xmas present!

Went for a rather long walk today and now my legs hurt when I do anything silly like climb stairs or look at stairs or think about stairs. Ow.

Still, it's February tomorrow, which is heavingly busy and means I have 3 days booked off work! Going to see that Chris Addison man in Nottingham, and also going to spend a weekend in London to eye it up as a moving-to possibility. 'Citin'.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

More things

So, I've done some more stuff for things (cryptic, no?) but nothing uploaded or printed as yet and thusly no links. Woe.

For some reason this week there don't seem to have been enough hours in the day. Had a bit of a stressy week at work and although that's all fine now, had to stay up MEGA late last night to catch up on an article that needed doing and of course, the ever growing but never read Guin.

I'm starting to worry about Guin. Not so much that only 2 people are reading it, but that thus far its been a little.. boring? I don't know. It isn't botherng me too much though, Guin is more of an exercise to make sure I keep writing regularly than anything else. Vive la Guin!

Either way, part 4 will be uploaded later today.

Been thinking about the reviews section I'm wanting to do on the site, but I think it'll be a good while before anything happens with that. Lots to do to get it up and running but it's still on the to do list.

Since nothing I spent this last week doing has been published or finished yet, feel very under-achievey right now, but never mind, hopefully will have loads to write about this time next week instead! And rest assured I'm not as depressed as I sound! Tiring as it is, it feels good to have a lot on.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Real, actual news!

So for quite a few weeks now I've rambled on about Guin and plans and things I might be able to do at some point in the great big never.

Well, Things Have Been Happening. Actual things! Am very excited and a little sleepy.

First things first, I should mention Kaleidoscope Alchemist has a comic for sale on that Amazon place by the name of Shadowraith, and there is happily an article on the BBC Lincolnshire website about it, written by meeee!

It's all very lovely and exciting being on the BBC website, but SOME UN-NAMED EMPLOYEE edited it a little bit in a really shoddy way... In particular the last sentence. Miss H proudly declares that she would never submit an article which repeated the word 'to'. They also moved a bit about the release date and put it so it didn't flow grammatically... but I'm nitpicking, and YAY! I'm on the BBC website! The article can be found here.

In further Shadowraith news, Nicholas was on BBC Lincolnshire radio on Friday promoting it and will be on Lincolnshire Look North this Monday. Hurrah!

Other meeee news is that I've had a book review put up on the Faux website, which is a sort of recommendation of Frozen Music by Marika Cobbold. It really is a very good book, and the review can be found here.

I've also been asked to write an article for the Creative Women's Network which will hopefully be done ASAP. I did a photo shoot with Kaleidoscope Alchemist to get some shots for both that and my website, which he did a very good job on and one can be found to the right of this and the other on my home page.

As per usual there's a new installment of Guin on the website, so feel free to bob over there and give it a read!

I bet next week won't be half as exciting as this one!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Back to work

I went back to work this week. I don't like work, it's pants. Absolute pants. I don't like getting up stupidly early, I don't like sitting at a desk all day and I don't like feeling too tired to do anything in the evening. But I do like being able to afford to eat and pay rent and the like, so swings and roundabouts, really.

In a related matter, I didn't do enough writing work this week. I did a little - enough, I suppose, but not as much as I wanted to. Which was annoying. Still, on target for Guin, though, and that'll be popped up on the Guin blog in a matter of minutes. What else have I done?

Well, I joined a few blog directories, so hello! if you've come here through one of them.

Think that's pretty much it, to be perfectly honest. Other than that, sleeping and reading and watching tv. Not too happy about that, but it's my own fault.

Hopefully I'll be more productive next week.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Things are happening.

I think I might be biting off more than I can chew.

So here's a brief update of what's going on at the moment;

I started Guin, the first installment of which has been posted today, about twenty minutes ago on a new special Guin blog, to be found on the Writing page. New chapters will be posted up every Sunday, all going to plan. I'll be heading over to all the social networking sites to promote it a bit once I've written this.

In other news, I'm hopefully going to be doing a bit of book reviewing for Faux Magazine, looking at not so famous stuff which I've read and think is awesome. All going well, if they're any good then they'll be published in the online version on the Faux website.

In addition I have decided to review every book I read (which is not read for Faux) and that will be posted on a new Reviews blog which I will be linking up in the near future. This will be more (but not exclusively) women's fiction, and include the stuff I can't stand as well.

So lots on at the moment. All other writing for the moment postponed so I can get a good handle on Guin and the reviewing.

Happy New Year!