Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Hello there.

While not completely recovered from the ever-recurring winter blues (walking to work in the dark is just WRONG), I am all a-quiver with new year plans.

Since Nanowrimo was so frikkin awesome, and I've been feeling at something of a loose end since it ended (OK, for just over a week, but frankly that's too long), I've decided to embark on a (foolish, over-ambitious) project for the new year...

Basically, in a nutshell quivering with barely suppressed excitement and anticipation, starting in the first week of the new year (specific day TBC), I'm going to be posting 2000 words a week of an ongoing story, like a serial. Updates will be on Facebook and Twitter, I haven't completely worked out the logistics yet since I only decided to do it today, but if I announce it on here, I have to do it.

Is it wrong I'm seeing it as a creepy, weekly version of the Archers? I mean, it won't be, but that's how I'm fondly imagining it.

So yeah, more news on that as I think of it....:S

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