Saturday, 12 December 2009

Flu, Dragonforce and Guin

Meh, I say. Or I would say, if I could speak.

You know of the cold, but I then went and shouted along to Dragonforce playing at the Engine Shed on Thursday, which was TEH AWESOME but has somewhat exacerbated the whole throat thing... now I can't speak. Duno why the rest of my cold got inexplicably and hugely worse at the same time, but nonetheless, I was alright at work on Friday and then today I am 97% mucus. Gross, but true!

So yes, that's what has been happening this week: I went to see Dragonforce which was BRILLO, and by crikey there was an AWFUL LOT of hair there. And a lot of awful hair, but I digress.

Is it just me or are mosh pits stupid? I'm told there are three types, and I witnessed two at the gig - the circular running one and the one where you run into someone, knock them down, help them up, and do it again. I hid behind some burly looking men until they stopped.

Sabaton, (I think that's how they're spelt) were lovely and good and all things fun, and then Dragonforce were... AWESOME. I heart cheesy epic goth metaly music heavily featuring the following words;

Fire, flames, wasteland, spirit, fight, soul, eternity... well you get the idea with that.

The current lack of voice was bloody worth it.

On to actual writerly news, and I've been thinking about the new serial New Year's Resolution ridiculously long story.

It's going to be called, as the title of this post suggests, 'Guin'. I've got a vague idea of the icon for it at the moment so I need to get that done at some point soon, but haven't yet decided how to publish it. It could either be as a blog post every week or I could upload onto the site every week. Blog would obviously be easier but not so smugly swish... Hmm, I'll think about it. I kind of don't want to clog up the blog with story, that's what the website's for.

I've started writing the story in readiness since it always pays to be prepared and I don't reeeeeally think it's cheating. Anyhoo, I've only managed a rubbish 250 words so I'm not getting that much of a head start.

As before, more details as and when I think of them.

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